Pet Carrier Buying Guide

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Basic styles

There are several basic styles to choose from but opt for the type that suits your dog and your activities. Standard hard-sided carriers are durable due to rugged construction. The hard shell offers more protection for your furry pal and is easy to clean. Soft-sided carriers are the most popular style for transporting smaller dogs. They are light and portable, and they can be folded up for easy storage.


Wearable dog carriers mimic the trend in baby carriers. Leaving the hands of owners free, it is easy to take your pet almost anywhere. Front packs or backpacks provide adjustable straps and holes for Fido’s legs. Dog carrier backpack is a good choice for outdoor activities. Wheeled carriers are easy and also keep your pet from being jostled around. This is good option for city walking and in airports.


Benefits of a pet carrier

Rather than leave your beloved Shih Tzu in dog kennels when you have to go out of town, get a pet carrier and bring your furry pal along. Carriers benefit not only Fido but you as well. You can enjoy traveling with your furry pal without worrying how to carry him around. These carriers keep your pet safe and sound with you around so you have peace of mind. It provides your little pal the protection that he deserves and on your part, a worry-free mind. For those who love their cats, buy cat carrier.


Consider these when buying a dog carrier

Your purchased carrier meets certain key criteria. It should be comfortable and fits the size of your dog, no cramping or crowding inside. Enough space room inside for a couple of comfort items such as a blanket and a toy. Check if all the latches and hinges of the carrier function correctly and can be securely closed. Be sure the price range is within your budget and the carrier is durable to last for many years.


Practical uses for dog carrier at home

When not traveling, you should make practical use of the carrier. It is a comfy place for your pet when you are watching TV with the neighbors or when you go visiting with your pet. Your pet inside a dog carrier backpack provides driving safety as in most States; pets must have restraints when traveling in cars.


Since Fido does not welcome going to the vet, he would be less anxious waiting in the vet’s office inside a carrier. If you have to leave your hotel room, you place furry companion inside his carrier. When dining with other dogs or in case of an emergency, the best place for your best friend is inside the carrier.


With the summer month just around the corner, it is the high time to prepare for travel! Rather than leave your pet in dog kennels, why not have a furry companion on the road? Purchase a dog carrier whether you travel by air or on the road. You will be glad to see how comfy and secured your four-legged companion is!


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