Cocktail Shaker Buying Guide

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Which variety of cocktail shaker is for you?

The first is the 2- piece Boston Shaker that has 800 ml or 28 imp fl oz bottom of metal and follows the traditional 450 ml glass or 16 imp fl oz. Insert mixing container into the bottom when shaking or you can use separately for mixing or stirring.


The 3-piece Cobbler Shaker is tapering at the top and ends up with a built-in strainer including a cap. Use the cap to measure spirits or other liquids. Consisting of a metal bottom and a metal cap, the French Shaker has 2 pieces. For this type of shaker, a strainer is always required barring the separation method stated above.


Own a Cocktail Shaker for good reasons

The primary purpose for drink shaker is to completely mix and integrate all ingredients of the drink to create a unified, smooth and harmonious of flavor. The secondary benefit of shaking is the proper dilution of water.


The time that elapses for the drink to interact with ice during the shake is adequate enough to pour in the right water amount to the mix. The result is a finished cocktail that is smooth. Break away from the standard customary mixed drink and enjoy a martini or two! With a martini shaker, you will have fun mixing them as much as drinking them.


Advice from the Pro: the art of shaking

No reason getting yourself a drink shaker if you don’t know how to prepare a good cocktail. Learn the art of shaking and be rewarded with a sumptuous drink. It is quite a simple process and straightforward with only a few things to remember.


First and foremost is putting your hand in the right position. Place your dominant hand above the shaker while pressing your thumb on the very top as a safety strategy. Have your dominant hand below the shaker using a tight grip. Now start the shaking. About the number of shakes, you should not go beyond ten. For a steady posture, stand with your feet positioned slightly apart and shake over your stronger shoulder.


If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, shake across your chest area or over your head. Be sure to have a good grip and concentrate on fluid.


Best features for a drink shaker

The best cocktail mixer is comfortable in your hands. It does not make a mess and are easy to clean. As an indispensable part of a good home bar, a top-quality cocktail shaker is made for entertainment. Search for a cocktail shaker that is basic and ideal for newbie cocktail mixer.


It is easy to use and has a built-in strainer; good for combining your favorite drinks no mess. The price is affordable. The drink mixer is aesthetically designed and allows you to make the correct amount of measurements without using other tools.


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