Bed Riser Buying Guide

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Quality Room Essential

You’ll probably get out from bed feeling wrecked and tired in the morning. Raising your bed does not only provide additional storage space underneath and keep you organized but it also makes getting in and out of the bed a lot easier and more comfortable for yourself. You don’t have to feel groggy each time you get up, a heavy duty bed frame riser can provide an appropriate lift that you require despite an uneven base or floor.


A bed lift fits onto the caster or feet of your bed posts to provide lift or some tilt to your bed or other furniture. This will create an additional storage space especially if you have a very limited space at home or in your apartment. By adding a net height on your furniture, you can stow more bins, boxes and drawers underneath. A sturdy bed lift can also be used on other furnishings such as computer desks, chairs and sofa to increase comfort and make it easy to rise from a seated position.


Furniture riser is made from different construction in order to provide a stable and sturdy base. The most common materials used for furniture riser in the market today are wood, metal and heavy duty plastic. How can you be certain that you’re getting the right material and quality of bed risers? When it comes to buying a set of bed risers, there are few things to consider before making a choice. The most critical considerations include the construction, weight capacity, height and quality.


Sturdy Construction for Long Term Use

Adjustable bed riser can be made of different construction, paints and finishes for aesthetic appeal. Before choosing something that looks great to your eyes, make sure you are getting a sturdy built and stable base that you can enjoy for many years. Regardless if you choose wood, metal or plastic construction, make sure that each piece is made from durable material and high grade quality to withstand every day wear. In addition, a good quality adjustable bed riser ensures a good fit to your bed’s casters and legs and they should be made from durable materials to avoid risk of collapse.


Stability and Optimal Support

At this point, think about your height and capacity requirements. Should you need an 8-inch additional height, you should know that a non-stackable three inches bed rise won’t definitely work. When choosing your riser’s height, always remember that the higher you raise your furniture the more concern you should have in terms of stability.


Meanwhile, most manufacturers indicate the bed riser’s weight capacity on each set or piece. Look closely on how much weight the product can support to ensure you are choosing a bed riser that meets your specific weight capacity requirement.


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