Toddler Safety Harness Buying Guide

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What is a baby harness?

A child harness is worn by toddlers as a safety device when they are walking with a parent or caretaker and they are also used with older children with special needs. A typical harness consists of waist and shoulder straps with attached lead or reins.


Harness type for your baby

Two types of child harness are the standard type and the backpack style. Standard harness consists of a waist or chest strap, and two shoulder straps. A walking lead or rein is attached at the back or sides that are held by parent or caretaker.


Backpack style is either framed or unframed. Framed carriers do a better job at distributing weight and sturdier with comfortable, elevated position for tots; however, they are bulky and more expensive. Non-framed carriers do not have frame support so the child sits lower and weight pulling on you more; but are cheaper and much lighter.


Why use harness?

There are many good reasons to for the little ones to use harnesses and leashes that include:

  • Baby harness keeps the small ones from scampering away as soon as you put them down or from riding in strollers or their baby carriers
  • It ensures that parent and young kid are just within reach especially when the place is crowded.
  • It is great to use with a handful of children to look after.



Made of high quality fabric and cotton materials, they provide kid harnesses the best material for comfort and long lasting use.


Baby leashes

There are just like harnesses used by toddlers. Kid leash varies in terms of that you can find size, design, and style. The common materials being used for this product would be high quality fabric and comfortable cotton. Baby leash is word at the back of your little buddy. Then while you are holding the leash, your kid can wander around and cannot get farther from you. With the help of baby leash, you do not need to carry your child when you go outdoors.


The best harness for toddlers

With so many toddlers’ harness in the market today, parents are confused on the best one for their kids. Here are some descriptions of what is best harness is: The best toddler harness is made for little girls with ages from 1 to 3 years old. It is perfect as a walking trainer to aid the little one to take those tiny steps.


You can adjust the safety straps at the upper chest and arms to find the perfect fit. The straps are one-inch thick, so it is tough to cut. The walking range is adequate to provide a safe distance between toddler and parent while the kid moves around. The material is comfortable, durable and the price is affordable.


Now is the time to purchase a baby harness to help your baby practice walking. With kid leash, these, they will have added support and safety as they learn to take their first steps with you holding the rein.


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