Music Stand Buying Guide

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Are music stands available only in Music Stores?

Aside from traditional music stores, all types and designs of music stands are available online as eBay, Wal-Mart, Amazon etc…


Music stands are a musical necessity

Right in front of musicians are rightful places of the music stands. They hold music books or sheets during performance and practice. Serving as guitar stand, music holder, or sheet music stand, they are everywhere during performances and practice. Most often metal materials are made as music stands although they are occasionally made of plastic or wood. There is a folding music stand that was engineered with the capacity to fold and collapse, particularly for compact storage or transport purposes.


Size does not matter

Among music stand, sizes differ. Some are great in size, others are small and others are in between. But size does not matter as thy have their purpose. The portable versions are used in marching bands. The bigger versions are equal to human height and used in orchestras. Professional music stands in general are in matte black finish so that they would not appear conspicuous during the performance. In some cases, stands are in chrome, or are in glossy ebony color, or other chosen alternative.


Features to consider when you buy a music stand

The purpose of the music stand is to serve as music holder to help prop up sheet music while musicians are performing, which makes things a lot less hectic. Even a non pro will consider features in buying the musical pedestal.


The music stand is made of metal so magnets are used to hold down music sheets down and its base as adequate weight to have a low gravity center. You get a three-legged tripod base for greater stability. Music stand lights to provide visibility in darken venues. Hangers for clip-on headphone so they are not placed in your chair, lap or even on the ground, Sheet music stands have sometimes double shelves with two shelves providing extra spaces for your cello or writing materials. It keeps your mobile in a secured place and close at hand.


Best music stand

A true folding music stand is the lightest, most compact, and easiest to carry of all of the varieties of the sheet music stand. However while they are economical and has mobility, unfortunately some models are reputed for being inadequately strong or unsteady. Today with the new issued patents, the folding music stand is getting stronger and more durable. Today, they are far superior to their predecessor’s decades ago.


Why you need a guitar stand?

Get a guitar stand as protection even if your guitar is inside its case; how do you store it? Did you prop it up in a corner or stayed under the bed? Even if it is a hard case, it’s still not 100% safe. It can easily be knocked down or slips so there is great possibility for damaged. If pad in the case is minimal, the more likely the damage is. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy a guitar stand for guitar safety.


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