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Musicians can’t do their jobs without this pedestal or elevated rack known as music stand. It is designed to hold in the proper position paper score or sheets of music for reading while playing a musical instrument. It can be elevated or lowered to accommodate the height of the user. For portability, it can be a folding music stand.

We announce latest rankings of best Music Stand. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Music Stand Buying Guide also.

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Crafty AD-1116 Deluxe Music Stand
Setup this portable music stand by simply squeezing one handle, a much faster alternative to the traditional turn knob on each section found commonly on Amazon. It features a high quality rubber feet and a sturdy base that opens and closes quickly and easily.
  • Ultra adjustable.
  • Super compact.
  • Holds the thickest music stand books.
Crafty AD-1116 Music Stand
Gearlux MS100 Deluxe Collapsible Music Stand
Tough and sturdy, Gearlux music stand is built to last. This Gearlux deluxe collapsible orchestra music stand has a tubular design and comes in a black finish. Its sturdy tripod legs fold easily for maximized portability.
  • Twist knob on vertical post.
  • Tray tilts 180 degrees for maximum flexibility.
  • Magnetic.
Gearlux MS100
ChromaCast CC-MSTAND Folding Music Stand
The ChromaCast music stand folds fast for easy storage and portability. Its two tier vertical shaft makes this stand perfect for sitting or standing. Height adjusts from 28 to 52 inch. Tripod leg assembly adjusts to tight spaces.
  • Metal spring arm extensions.
  • 11.5 x 20 inch bookplate tilts and is fully adjustable.
  • 1 inch platform hold thin books or music sheets.
ChromaCast CC-MSTAND sheet music stand
Hola! HM-MS+ Orchestra Sheet Music Stand
The Hola! Music Stand is a professional stand made out of strong reinforced materials that ensure a sturdy support and durability. Once the stand is closed, it can fit easily into the carrying bag which you get with this purchase.
  • Angle adjustment tension knob for easy tilting.
  • Height adjustment from 25 to 43 inch (lip to floor).
  • Non-slip feet.
Hola! HM-MS+ guitar stand
OnStage SM7211B Professional Grade Stand
This stand incorporates all the features demanded by today’s orchestra musician, including a folding tripod base for convenient storage and travel. The angle adjustment tension knob makes for easy removal from the upper shaft.
  • High impact plastic leg housing.
  • Friction locking knobs.
  • Leg support straps.
OnStage SM7211
Musician's Gear GMS-40 BK-MG Music Stand
Musician's Gear GMS-40 BK-MG Music Stand holds music books or two pages of music and a 1 inch binder of music. Its tilt adjusts easily using a butterfly knob. The three legs have quite a large rubber end and will not mark hardwood floors.
  • Foldable.
  • 37.01 to 58.07 inch height adjustment.
  • Stable.
Musician's Gear GMS-40 BK-MG
Crafty MS20BK Adjustable Music Stand
Fold, place in carrying bag and throw Crafty MS20BK Music Stand in a backpack, purse or grab the case by the handle and go. It has angle adjusting knob which allows your sheet music to be placed at the most comfortable angle.
  • Waterproof case.
  • Raises and lowers at three separate points.
  • Compact & easy to store.
Crafty MS20BK music holder
Peak SMS-20 Music Stand
Peak SMS-20 Music Stand is fully collapsible and place on the included carry bag. It has a maximum height of 47 inch and a large stand lip. It is very quick to adjust with clamps holding it securely in place.
  • Strong tubular steel frame.
  • Quick Clamp Levers for easy adjustments.
  • Plastic foldable desk.
Peak SMS-20
OnStage SM7122BB Folding Music Stand
This music stand folds for easy storage and portability with a spring-loaded trigger release. Friction locking clutch adjusts height from 26 - 40 inches for sitting or standing positions. The sheet music stand bag included in this combo pack comes with a convenient shoulder carrying strap.
  • Fold out extensions hold sheets securely in place.
  • Tripod leg assembly adjusts for varying floor space availability.
  • Added leg braces and non-slip rubber feet for added stability.
OnStage MUS SM7122BB folding music stand
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Music Stand Buying Guide

 Are music stands available only in Music Stores?

Aside from traditional music stores, all types and designs of music stands are available online as eBay, Wal-Mart, Amazon etc…
Right in front of musicians are rightful places of the music stands. They hold music books or sheets during performance and practice. Serving as guitar stand, music holder, or sheet music stand, they are everywhere during performances and practice.