Body Glitter Buying Guide

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Super fun with body glitter

Body glitter spray is extremely a fun experiment to use for special occasions like music festivals, but it is difficult to apply. Begin your body glitter adventure by grabbing some cosmetic-grade glitters and test the sensitivity of your skin by applying in small patches before using anything over your body!


How to apply

Show off your best form with a body glitter but first use a petroleum jelly as the base for your body and glitter make up. Vaseline is the best product to use for making glitter stick to your skin. Apply by evenly spreading the salve on the skin area you’d like to glitterfy, and then press the glitter in using either your hand or a brush.


Step up your festival makeup game with glitter

A clean surface is required so before your makeup is applied, take a shower and use a light, unscented and alcohol-free moisturizer to hydrate your face and body. Only high quality cosmetic grade face glitter is used on your face. Getting some rhinestones to stick on your face and body require lots of work and efforts, so you have to use specialty adhesive.


To apply rhinestones and gems lightly by the use of the pros-aide to the body area where you are going to set it; take your time by waiting until both areas are completely dry and clear. Firmly apply the rhinestone to the area and hold for a few seconds until you are sure it sticks.


Complete glitter make up with glitter tattoo

Make your makeup complete with glitter tattoo that are just temporary but good for the occasion. Glitter tattoo gives you glittery, shimmery, multicolored designs that are painless to apply and will last up to 7 days! Every tattoo kit has all items needed to create your very own Glitter Tattoo and enclosed is a given full instruction to do the job.


This kit is suitable for all age groups and as hypallergenic cosmetic glue is used; it is safe for all family however, unlike face glitter, tattoo is not recommended to be used on the face. Tattoos are temporary, you can easily remove them by simply using baby oil or any oil based lotion.


Glitter tips.

Tip #1. Opt for a subtle glitter:

Your choice for a subtle dash of glitter with body glitter spray will give you the kind of sparkle you desire without the glitter becoming too strong and overdoing or overpowering things.


Tip #2. Try a sparkly liner

The good news is that winged eyeliner prevalent in the past has not gone out of style, so by playing around with the shade and sparkle can do you a good thing.


Tip #3. Shimmering smoky eye:

Add some shimmer to your smoky eye with two alternatives: you either use glitter shadows for the whole thing or simply apply a bit of glitz to your eye’s corner.


Tip #4. Use quality products:

Lastly, it is essential to make sure that any glitter makeup you use is of the highest cosmetic-grade you from top quality and reputable products.


This year’s trending festival aesthetic is all about glitter makeup and if you want to be “in”, you have to join the trend and go with glitter to stay current with summer fashion.


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