Umbrellas Buying Guide

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Types of Umbrellas

Full-sized Umbrellas

There was a time when full-sized umbrellas were the only type of umbrellas available. Full sized umbrellas either have a stick or a cane handle that stays at maximum height all the time and isn’t able to be folded up. Full sized umbrellas are also used as walking sticks due to this feature. This type of umbrellas proves to be very useful because of the amount of coverage they provide and their durability. But some people don’t like this type of umbrellas because they can prove to be very difficult and bulky to carry around.


Compact Umbrella

Compact umbrellas are more popular than full sized umbrellas nowadays because compact umbrellas have a handle that can be closed or folded when their canopy is closed. This easy and foldable design of compact umbrellas makes them very convenient to carry around when not even in use because you never know when the weather might take an unexpected turn. Although, these umbrellas are not as durable as full sized umbrellas.


Canopy Size

The main purpose of an umbrella is to protect you from the rain. There are a few things that should be kept in mind which help in finding out how good one of these overhead canopies will prove to be in keeping you protected from the rain. The first thing is the size, the bigger the size of the canopy, the better it will protect you from the rain. Umbrellas don’t only protect you from rain but can also be used to protect you from the sun too. The main thing that increases protection from the rain and the sun is the canopy size, while if you’re out hiking or traveling a smaller and light weighted compact model will prove to be a better option for you rather than a non-compact umbrella.


Umbrella Size

If you are living in a big city and you mostly use public transport to get around or have to walk long distances, then having a compact umbrella will be the smartest choice for you. Compact umbrellas are pretty easy to carry around and it is always a good thing to have an umbrella on hand to ensure your protection from unfortunate changes in the weather.


Umbrella Weight

If it rains a lot where you live then it is somewhat necessary for you to have an umbrella on hand to keep you protected. It will be best for you to consider buying an umbrella that is the smallest and lightest so that it can be carried around in your purse, briefcase or backpack.

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