Selfie Stick Buying Guide

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Why do you need one?

A selfie stick is not a luxury but necessity for you when you need to fit the whole gang in a selfie. When you are traveling alone and you want to capture the scenery with you, you do not have to bother a stranger to take your photo. At last your arms are no longer exposed and seen in your selfie. And with this camera stick, you are able to capture more creative angles.


Buy now but make the proper choice

1. Size matters in buying a selfie stick. One of the important pieces of any selfie is the cradle attachment that houses the phone. Buy one with a large clamp to accommodate your device.


2. The stick is easy to grip so you use it with a sense of security. Two of the most common styles in the market today are: wire clamp with a pull away and a plastic extending grip with fasteners. Choose the grip whose edges have good “bite”.


3. The monopod stick comes with a good ball joint for mounting the camera or cradling the smartphone. Be alert and keep away from cheap swivel jobs that work badly or easily break.


4. Buy the camera stick with adequate length to get much of those viewed panoramic sights. For selfie sticks, portability is important so opt for the one that can be shortened for easy carrying when you travel or just walking around.


5. For your use as basic stick, get a separate remote that enables you to trigger your smartphone’s camera for some natural stills with the video camera.


6. For quality images, the rear of the camera is usually considered better than the camera front that most people normally used when taking selfies..


Bluetooth selfie sticks

Some models of Bluetooth selfie stick allow users to fire camera extended up to three and a half feet and the stick holding the phone safely and securely. Selfie sticks work well with other devices as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other digital cameras and available conveniently in three types: To use the Bluetooth selfie stick, just plug the wire to the jack of your headphone or to pair your device with the Bluetooth stick. Then click the stick to take your pic!


Which is the best selfie stick?

In the market today, there are all kinds of phone-holding monopods. Some camera stick poles are made for active selfie-takers, others are for tourists to bring around for level shots. Quality makes a great difference. The difference in the picture quality is very remarkable. Some poles are low-grade type, cheap and do not work well. Others are strong & sturdy having rich features. Remember that price is not the only determinator.


The aluminum shaft, foam grip, and a twist-to-lock action of the stick allow holding the phone securely at the length you desired. The best camera is your smart phone that you carry with you all the time. So is the best camera stick is the one you always carry around with your phone


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