Metronomes Buying Guide

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In order to buy the Metronomes that will perfectly meet your requirements, you have to consider the following aspects.



The first thing that you have to consider while buying the Metronomes is the type. They are available in two different types:

  • Electronic Metronomes
  • Mechanical Metronomes

Mechanical Metronomes are the classical type that is small in size and have a small controller that will help you to set everything. The electrical Metronomes are digital and will provide you with the LCD display of the waves and the beats. They have more features that will make it possible for you to adjust the tempo. The electrical ones will require a continuous supply of electricity.


Size and shape

There is a variety of shapes and sizes available in the Metronomes all you have to do is select the one you are comfortable with. In case that you want to keep the device hidden, you can have the pocket size one that is available with the key chain.

However, if you are planning to perform in front of the audience then a large one will be a better choice. They are available with different packages that also include the headset and the wooden products.


Display and controls

Before you invest in the product, it is important that you pay attention towards their controls and display.

  • The mechanical devices have a pendulum with the sliding weight and the bpm markings. All you have to do is slide the weight to the beat that you want. The kinetic energy and gravity will play the role to help you get the perfect tempo
  • On the electronic devices, you can use the radio buttons for the adjustment of the beats and the pace
  • There are also large dials that will make it easy for you to spin it to the required speed


Visible and audible beats ?

While at the concert or in the house you have to make sure that, you can hear the beats so that you can adjust them perfectly according to your requirements. So the best option would be the Metronomes that have lights, swinging pendulum and the headphone jack to allow you to experience your own beats. ?

You also have to consider the quality of the sound that you will get. The old fashioned one will provide you a better and fine sound in this case.


Other features

Some other features that you have to consider while buying the Metronomes are:

  • Pattern
  • Turner
  • Hygrometer
  • Beat controls
  • Backlight
  • Headphone out
  • Clock

Make the best possible choice so that your audience will love you because of the perfect sound and rhythms. Ensure that you have fun at the concert. ?


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