Balance Board Buying Guide

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Benefits that Transform your Life

Balance boards were typically found in circus performances where the person enjoys the challenge that a balance board presents while performing his act and circus skill. Balance boards were introduced in the year 1953 with the intention to be used for recreation. Since its patent, they became increasingly popular among surfers and skiers who desired to practice their balance skills. Not long enough, balance boards were widely used for training both in sports and non-athletic activities and physical fitness.


A balance board is used where you stand on a platform that is on top of fulcrum. Fulcrum is the unstable ground-contacting component of the balance board and because of its instability; you should remain coordinated and balanced to prevent the platform from touching the ground. While using the balance board, you exercise and teach the different parts of your body that implement that art of balancing such as arms, neck, knees and toes. You are also stimulating the parts of your brain that engineer the sense of balance. The degrees and styles of movements using the balance boards range from simple to challenging such as pivoting, sliding, rolling and rotating.


Be A Better Athlete!

Balance board training can improve your agility that’s why it is perfect for aspiring athletes. When you use a balance board, you will get the ability to create quick transitions. As your agility improves, you will be able to better react for offense to defense transition and unpredictability of the ball. Coordination is another essential benefit you will enjoy as you train on a balance board. It teaches you to be in tune always with your body and mind so you can fluidly move better from one position to another.


A Value for your Money

Recognizing all the benefits this equipment could present, chances are you must be thinking about purchasing your own balance board already. But before you can able to pick the right balance board, there are several considerations you will have to make along the way. Don’t fret because we will give you some tips in choosing a balance board that fits to your need and budget.


When choosing a balance board, you should the type of balance board you require. In order to determine the right type to choose, identify your purpose. Wobble boards are mostly ideal for physical activities that require dynamic movements. On the other hand, rocker boards are great for beginners and people coming back an injury or who suffered from arthritis.


Then there’s the build quality. This criterion includes the material used for the balance board construction, overall design and style. A heavy duty plastic construction is a good choice if you’re looking for a sturdy material you can use for a long time. Meanwhile, a product which features grooved surface may be a good choice to obtain better grip while using your balance board. If you’re shopping for a wobble board, you can look for a platform that features adjustable settings so you can do more on top of your balance board.


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