Presentation Pointer Buying Guide

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Freedom and flexibility with presentation clickers

If you are a denizen of the corporate world or part of the academe, from time to time, you’ll have to give a presentation to your class or to your client. Soon you will be a regular PowerPoint creator which is okay if you take a higher step by investing in a presentation clicker. Clickers are small, lightweight and come in various shapes and sizes. Presentation clicker allows speakers the freedom and flexibility to move away from the screen to engage and come closer to the audience.


Interesting and engaging presentation remote

Any professional presentation will draw the attention of audience. One great strategy is to incorporate a presentation remote to make interesting and engaging. The speaker has better control of materials as well as his audience. Use a presentation remote that comes in the form of a compact wireless digital device. These remotes have built-in laser pointers for emphasizing certain key elements in the presentation.


Small device but wide usage

You will be using laser pointer also called laser pen. This handheld device is a power source from a battery and has a very narrow sound laser beam that is low powered low-powered with visible light coming from a laser diode. It is used to highlight something of interest. This is possible by lighting the spot using a tiny bright and colored light. Even during daylight, laser pointers are mighty tool for signaling and are capable producing bright lights and signals for future search and rescue transports using a cheap, small and device of the lightweight type that could be carried all the time in an emergency kit.


Using laser point wisely

Always be careful in handling laser point to avoid offending your audience. Talk to your audience with confidence and create the impression that you’re well-prepared, experienced and master your topic. For dynamic approach, move around freely and maximize using your body language. But be sure to turn off the laser pointer when not used and avoid pointing it towards the audience. If you want your audience to remember an important point, give them enough time to absorb and ponder your message by learning the art of pausing. To sum up – Don’t overuse your point


Most important features to consider in buying presentation remote

1. Design

The design of the remote must be made in a way that users can hold it comfortably. Many models on are made with ergonomics in mind so various shapes are available that appeal to different kinds of people.


2. Controls

Learn to control the presentation remote with ease so that you can have an effective way of bringing your get points to the audience more effectively. Some models are more complex; they require more functionality more than just switching slides.


3. Other details and extras

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the remote is compatible with the operating system of your computer. Lastly, consider the power source. Remotes use either built-in batteries or need one or two AAA batteries.


Wireless presenter for the professional touch

Almost everyone is using wireless presenters. You simple stick the plug-and-play of the USB devices to the receiver part of the presenter thru the USB port. The device is on and ready to go. Wireless presenter enhances any presentation.


With a wireless presenter, you can walk freely around and interact with your audience directly. You no longer have to fumble with your keyboard or mouse that stuck in your computer’s front. It is important to add this professional touch when giving professional or educational presentations.


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