Kettlebell Buying Guide

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A Basic for Building Strength

Walking into a gym, you will see a set of kettlebells. When you see someone using this and swinging them in the air, then no wonder anyone can use it and avail its benefits. A typical kettlebell exercises is used for building strength as well as endurance specifically in the shoulders, legs and lower back. It helps in increasing the grip strength.

There are numerous benefits to kettlebell training and the exercised involving kettlebell are ballistic and dynamic. All these exercises enhance the heart rate in a different way. The movements involved in these exercises challenge each and every muscle of the body. This training will give you a new definition of the exercise routine.


What do you mean by Kettlebell training?

These are weights of cast iron whose weight is ranging from 5 lbs to 100 lbs and the ball like shaped give you ease for gripping it. Kettlebell workout provides a different type of training that makes the use of dynamic moves which generally targets each and every aspect of the body fitness. Cardio endurance, agility, balance, strength and endurance are taken care of by kettlebell.


Types of Kettlebells

In general, there are two different kinds of the kettlebells are sport kettlebell and cast-iron classic kettlebell. If you have a limited budget, then prefer cast-iron classic kettlebell as it costs is less than others. It is perfect for the general fitness. These are available in a variety of sizes. Heavier the kettlebell, larger it will be.

A sport kettlebell is built on the basis of the international standard and steel is the main constituent of this one. This kind has standardised dimensions whose weight does not vary with the changes in size. It means when you are opting for either 8 lbs or 25 lbs, there will be no difference in the dimensions.

For the athletes, a color code is utilized so that they can recognize the kettlebells on the basis of weight. If you are thinking of kettlebell workout, then paying little extra will aid you in getting the competition style kettlebell. If your intentions are purely for the general fitness, fat loss, power and strength, then, in this case, buying a cast-iron bell is the perfect choice for you. Nowadays, there are also plastic and vinyl versions available in the kettlebells. These plastic versions are cheaper than others.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with these ones. Handle attached with this ones are narrow. However, these cheaper versions of the kettlebells are best for the children to kettlebell exercise. But, if you are taking this seriously, then don’t waste your money and precious time on these cheaper versions.


How to choose?

Don’t buy adjustable kettlebells. It will be a good decision to buy two sizes- heavier and lighter. Always keep in mind to make sure that handle does not cause any discomfort in your hand.


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