Hdmi Cables Top 10 Rankings

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There are a large variety of HDMI Cables on the market and we’ve spent hours going through the different kinds of HDMI Cables to bring you the best HDMI cables you can buy online. Not all HMDI Cables are made equal but aren’t worth the high costs.

We announce latest rankings of best hdmi cables. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss hdmi cables Buying Guide also.

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BlueRigger Rugged High Speed 25 ft
BlueRigger Rugged High Speed 25 ft HDMI Cable is a premium quality cable for your gaming or home theater setup. This cable is ATC certified to support all resolutions upto 1440p. It has a reliable construction that protects against corrosion while maximizing signal strength.
  • Compatible with latest HDTV technologies.
  • Backwards compatible with previous HDMI standards.
  • Quality picture and sound.
BlueRigger BL-HDMI-1.4-25 hdmi cables
SecurOMax SMHDMI02 3 ft
Get your hands on this heavy duty high quality HDMI 2.0 cable! One of a few cables that will drive your 4K TV/Monitor at 2160P/60 Hz (if both ports are HDMI 2.0 ports).
  • Ethernet & audio return channel.
  • Backwards compatible with HDMI v2.0, v1.4 & v1.3.
  • 100% pure copper wiring.
SecurOMax SMHDMI02
BlueRigger BL-CL3-50FT In-Wall 50 ft
BlueRigger BL-CL3-50FT In-Wall High Speed 50 ft HDMI Cable is fully certified to support the latest & advanced HDMI features. It is backwards compatible with all previous HDMI standards, so you'll be able to use this cable with all your HDMI devices.
  • CL3 rated for in-wall installations.
  • Guaranteed 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i resolutions.
  • Supports true HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD master audio.
BlueRigger BL-CL3-50FT
SecurOMax SMHDMI10 10 ft
SecurOMax SMHDMI10 HDMI Cable 10ft is a heavy duty and high quality cable. It is one of a few 10 ft cables that will drive your 4K TV/Monitor at 2160P. It is quite flexible and tangle-free despite its thickness.
  • 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper.
  • Quite flexible and tangle-free.
  • 24K gold-plated connectors.
SecurOMax SMHDMI10
SecurOMax SMHDMI08 15 ft
SecurOMax SMHDMI08 15 ft HDMI Cable is thicker than most cables widely sold because a good cable is meant to be thick. And unlike many other cables, despite its thickness, it is quite flexible and tangle-free (achieved by using a flexible wire type braided in cotton).
  • Thick aluminum shell cover of soldering points.
  • High speed - Category 2 - HDMI cable.
  • 4K HDMI 2.0 ready.
SecurOMax SMHDMI08
AmazonBasics High-Speed 6.5 ft
With this AmazonBasics High-Speed 6.5 ft HDMI Cable, you can easily play your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray player, satellite dish, or other HDMI device on your big-screen HDTV or computer monitor. From small mobile, home-entertainment, or gaming device to large HDTV or projector, playback just got more impressive.
  • Allows to share an internet connection among multiple devices.
  • Meets HDMI 1.4 specification (48 bit/px color depth).
  • Gold-plated connectors for superior conductivity.
AmazonBasics max1.4 hdmi 2m
Mediabridge Part# 91-02X-25B 25 ft
Mediabridge Part# 91-02X-25B 25 ft HDMI Cable works with HDMI devices capable of 4K@60Hz resolution & Ultra-High Definition (UHD). This includes HDTV's, projectors, computers, game consoles, streaming players, cable boxes, satellite boxes, Fios boxes, etc.
  • Maximum refresh rates.
  • Individually hand-tested & certified.
  • Official HDMI adopter - supports 2.0.
Mediabridge dherc
Twisted Veins 3ACHB6 High Speed 6 ft
Twisted Veins 3ACHB6 High Speed 6 ft HDMI Cables confom to the latest 1.4 HDMI standard and support high speed, ethernet, audio return, 1080P TVs, 3D TVs, Deep Color, TrueHD, and DTS-HD. These cables are triple tested for reliability.
  • Gold connectors for better image / sound quality.
  • Free right angle / 90 degree adapter for close to wall situations.
  • Three 6 inch resealable Velcro cable ties for cable management.
Twisted Veins 3ACHB6
AmazonBasics HL-007306 High-Speed 6 ft
Delivering clear, vibrant video, this HDMI cable with Ethernet meets the latest standards, which means it considerably expands bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, offers 4K@50/60 (2160p) video resolution (four times more clarity than 1080p/60), and supports the wide-angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio.
  • Backed by AmazonBasics Lifetime warranty.
  • Connects HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, A/V receivers, and more.
  • Gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors (A Male to A Male).
AmazonBasics HL-007306
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A standard HDMI Connection has 19 pins that can pass video and audio data to the computer but thanks to the added Ethernet functionality that many new HDMI Cables have, it has become possible to connect to the internet as well. High & Standard Speed cables with Ethernet support cost more than their non-Ethernet counterpart and provide an easier access to the internet.