Paper Towel Buying Guide

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It’s only paper but can’t do without them!

Every place as cafes, houses, offices, public buildings, restos, vehicles, etc. have their own paper towels largely dominating every place. This versatile piece of paper is used from cleaning tables to wiping wet hands or even wrapping precious stones and jewelry.

People considered paper towels a necessity for they could not last a day without them. Paper towels are placed in paper towel holder… for easy usage.


Advantages of paper towels

There is no doubt that paper towel roll is much quicker at both drying and using than traditional hand dryers. Inasmuch as paper towels are very fast at drying your hands, it is unlikely for you leaving the washroom with damp hands accompanied by germs.

So there is lesser chances of spreading bacteria. Paper towels provide personal and discreet user an experience of luxury especially when products of high quality are used.


Paper towels class

They come in a range of different thicknesses, for more often when washrooms offer individuals with high thickness of paper towels; it produced an enhanced user experience of a sense of luxury and also pampering. Paper towels are classified based on their properties.

They are distinguished and classified on lines of their absorbency, strength, thickness and weight.


Color, pattern and shape

Paper hand towels are most often white but at times, hey are bleached to give a whiter look. Classification of colored paper towels are based on their domestic or industrial usage. Some are sometimes adorned with flowers and other designs to appeal to the eyes and look good. Paper towel’s patterns and shapes are imprinted for a double purpose: to create an elegant and maximizing its absorption.


Common sense Do’s & Don’ts for paper towels


Wrap food using moistened paper towels for steam cooking in your microwave for healthy delectable snacks.
Cover bathroom door and include paper towel roll handles with paper towels before turning in for the night to minimize exposure to bacteria during season for cold and flu.

Clean the rubber edged wiper blades of your car using paper towel wet with plain water or glass cleaner with a tiny dash of detergent to add longevity of the wipers.



Use rough surface of paper towel but chose a microfiber or soft cloth to clean furniture and other delicate objects.

Polish your eyeglass lenses use instead tepid water and a detergent drop and after clean dry with cotton soft hankie or use a microfiber cloth as paper too rough with glasses.

Flush down the toilet paper towel roll for it can cause clogged up toilet especially if your sewer pipes are older and made of concrete or cast iron.

Buy only the best paper towel to add elegance and enhance the experience of your guests. Since the beginning of the 19th century, paper towel has been with man all the way!


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