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Only one kind enters the game

The best kind of skipping rope is built to last, with extras, to include replacement parts and a lifetime warranty back-up. Equipped with a long cable, its bearing system is smooth and capable of accommodating even the tallest athletes.


The latest type of speed rope is able to transverse the air using only the slightest flick of the wrists and has no room for tangling. Get the ultimate type of jump rope that is made of cable coated with steel that has comfortable and lightweight handles attached with ball bearings that allow the rope to seamlessly rotate.


Even Wonder Woman enjoys the benefits of jumping

Benefits from jumping rope are way above running. It is less stressful on the knees and ankles as the weight of the body is distributed on the balls of the feet when landing or jumping. The chances of injury are decreased as jumping rope has a lower-impact on the joints.


Building cardiovascular stamina is one of speed jump rope benefits. Aside from increasing the strength of the arms, shoulders, legs, and wrists, it also builds the coordination and precision of the body. Boxers too benefits for it enhances footwork. Even mixed martial artists include jump ropes to complement their regimens. Do skipping rope and improve strength, coordination, and agility.


Concrete? Mats? Grass? Or Sand? Which surface is good for jumping ropes?

Jump rope can be performed in different types of surfaces. Concrete is fastest and provides excellent rebound. However, the density of concrete has no provision for shock absorption landing that raise the risk of a shin splint injury. Mats offer good cushioning and have the propensity in absorbing a great deal of the impact when landing.


Its disadvantage is the need to increase the force will disallow for a fast jumping pace that will diminish cardiovascular advantages. Grass as jumping surface offers a certain degree of shock absorption after landing.


But after the rain, slippery surface increases the danger of injury. Sand is soft and confirms a secured surface landing for jumping rope as it is reduces impact force. Since it is soft, no injury is the aftermath after falling or landing.


Which is the speed rope for me?

At the most basic level, a jump rope is a very simple piece of equipment, either a piece of cotton or nylon rope. The sport advances to the next level when they made rope from plastic beads, PVC, or leather. In addition to the varying types of material, the handle had variety of designs that changes the quality of a workout.


The easiest model might be yours as its handle has swivel ball bearings. These are connected to the handle and allow users to rotate the rope while jumping. Your wonder woman fantasy is almost granted!


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