Teeth Whitening Product Buying Guide

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Professional tooth whitening kits versus over-the-counter whitening strips

Professional tooth whitening kits: Two trays are design to mold and fit nicely over your teeth. They come with several syringes or tubes containing professional-strength bleaching gel, teeth whitening strips and storage case for the trays.

Over-the-counter whitening strips: They are strips for whitening teeth with instructions; the strip’s strength and number are variable but the package has enough to cover the top and bottom teeth for your application per day.


About the best whitening teeth products

1. The fastest whitening teeth products to get noticeable results. The time it takes to get results range anywhere from a week to a month.

2. Length of time your teeth stay white: Advanced products provide whitening that is good for a year.

3. How long it takes to wear whitening strips every day? Some require 30 minutes twice a day, when others work in just five minutes once a day.

4. Will the strips form fit your teeth? Advanced products have gentle molds giving your teeth the flexibility to go about your day-to-day task.


Four types of teeth whitening products

Whitening toothpastes and rinses

Toothpastes facilitate the removal of stains on the outer surfaces of the teeth while brushing while mouthrinse has a bleaching agent to help whiten your teeth while you freshen your breath at the same time. Use teeth whitening gel every day after eating that might cause teeth staining to occur. After a few days, you will be awed by initial results.


Whitening strips and chewing gum and whitening strips

Food residue after eating is easily removed by whitening chewing gum without sugar. Teeth whitening strips are tiny plastic strips with a peroxide-gel inside that are applied to the external surface of the teeth to facilitate a whitening effect.


Tray-based teeth whiteners

OTC kits have mouthguard-like tray containing gel-based whitening solution using with bleaching agents that are peroxide-based. Your dentist can issue a custom take-home kit for you to improve the whiteness of your teeth.


In-office dental whitening treatment

Dental whitening treatment involves one visit that offers great results in an hour or less. The higher process of concentration is usually feature when using bleaching gel for this type of treatment can yield results that are visible immediately.


Science says: the most effective method

According to professionals, tooth whitening done by dentist in-office is the most effective way as it gets the best and safest results. Teeth bleaching uses stronger agents but the mouth and gums are protected, and the dentist can customize the concentration of the bleaching agent.

Only dentist can manage any sensitive tooth or other dental issues that result from the treatment. Dental whitening is the best as it may be whitened up to 10 shades in just one hour.

Always wear a sunny smile as it is essential and a great way of maintaining good oral hygiene aside from looking great. Remember that teeth whitening gel and teeth bleaching products are only temporary solutions and mandatory to maintain results when your teeth continue accumulating stains. Always follow proper oral health care as well as teeth whitening procedures, and you should keep faithfully your professional dental hygiene appointments twice yearly.


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