Smoke Detector Buying Guide

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Fire safety tools have to be of good quality, since they are devices that are required to save lives. Take care to choose a good make, with the right features so that you can ensure that you are protected in the event of a fire.


Smoke detectors with battery

You may have seen it in some apartment buildings or public spaces. A small disc is like object that is stuck to the ceiling. It will have a blinking light to show that it is active. The red light is powered by a smoke detector battery.

A typical smoke detector battery will power the smoke detector for a number of years. There are batteries that work for as long as 10 years, depending on the smoke detector that you are using.


Wireless Smoke Detectors

These are smoke alarms meant for an interconnected fire safety system. It can be deployed for a business or a larger home. If a single device detects smoke or fire, then all the devices will simultaneously start to go off. The wireless component means that these devices will require more regular maintenance and checkups.

The batteries are not as long lasting as on single smoke detectors and are often powered by AA batteries for easy changing.


Smoke detector bundles

If you are buying it for your building, it may be cheaper and smarter to buy a pack of 4 or more fire alarms. These packs come with the same smoke detectors which makes the setup easier. You can also buy the batteries in bundles when you have to replace them.


Wired fire alarms

If you do not trust battery operated devices, you can get a wired smoke alarm with a battery backup. The battery is used only in the event of a power outage, keeping the alarm functioning for a majority of the time. These wired alarms may require a little more work to setup than the battery operated smoke detectors since they need to be plugged into an outlet without being intrusive.



Fire detectors usually come in white, so that they can be seen easily. There are not too many design options in fire detectors. The detectors are made for function and easy maintenance, but it is possible to find different looking fire detectors.

The design differences are usually only in the shape or size of the fire detector, but it is usually not worth looking into this, as they are meant to do the job without standing out too much.


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