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Also called clamshells due to its appearance, this innovative grill does not need any cook to turn the food as it is pressed as together and lock in their natural juices. The outcome enhances the taste of food and exudes natural and fuller flavor. Nutritional content stays high as no food nutrients escaped for food is confined between two plate surfaces evenly heated. Find more benefits in using this electric griddle compared to using the traditional metal pan. Expect perfect performance in your menu with food either frozen or fresh.


User-friendly contact grill

It is easy to use clamshell grills for it has adjustable thermostat providing a low, medium and a high setting through a dial or a sliding control. Its power light glows red when the unit is hot and turns to green to indicating that it is ready for use. Food type and thickness determine cooking times from 30 minutes to even shorter time.


The size of indoor grill is compact almost as big as a regular microwave so it is space-efficient. Cleaning is easy; wipe and clean all food residues in the cast iron plates with a cloth or a metal scraper. Contact grills cooks food faster and more capable & competent in preparing healthier leaner gourmet food for you and the family.


BBQ grill versus Contact grill

Barbecue grill cooks foods low and slow. Cuts of meats are cooked over very low heat in BBQ grill for a very long time, for hours, or even all day long. It is often done using indirect heat, where the heat source is connected to the chamber where the meat is held. Common heat sources for BBQ are charcoal or wood.


With Fahrenheit degree of 500-550 or higher, food is cooked steaming hot and fast in a contact grill by direct heat. Cook meats, veggies and even include selected fruits on the grill. Over direct heat, grilling is done where the flame is coming either from gas or charcoal directly below the meat. It takes only a few minutes and grilling is done.


There is difference between both; but for an authentic chef at home, it really does not matter!


Contact electric griddle buying considerations

Contact grill is best if its temperatures are able to hit upward to degrees of 425-450° and even higher when searing meat. Of course, this is not required in its use as griddle or in grilling cheese sandwich in its Panini press. The temperature returns to quickly after raising lid. A “must have” for grills are thermometers that are built-in and thermostats that are adjustable. Removable grates or cooking plates make easy cleaning. Include long cords for convenient placement.


The Panini press in your grill can make more than just delicious sandwiches. You can create all kinds of yummy treats more easily in its grooves. Electric griddle should have enough power to handle their tasks and to quickly return to temperature after the lid is raised..


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