Bidet Seat Buying Guide

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More Advanced and Extraordinary

The traditional toilet seat has evolved into something more advanced than just something to use and sit on. With bidet toilet that comes with a dozen of specialized features and functions to activate the wash of your choice, toilet seats have now become more extraordinary than ever.


Perhaps you’ve already seen a bidet during your travels. This washlet is very common in most countries outside North America, in Europe and in some Asian countries where it is referred to a Japanese toilet. Bidets are using a stream of water to wash yourself after using the restroom. Because it brings a number of advantages over a toilet paper, it gives a compelling reason for consumers to use and install a washlet at home.


The Beauty of Modern Engineering

The benefits, convenience and features a bidet rings are undeniable. It’s no wonder; the adoption of bidets for residential use is slowly rising. The beauty of modern engineering is that it brings a vast improvement over the traditional models with more advanced features and increased convenience. The most recent bidet models feature a comprehensive control panel for self-cleaning wash nozzles, water pulse feature, wireless remote control and warm air dry.


Bidet is the New Concept

If you’re interested to invest, there are several things to know when buying a washlet. With so many features and different brands, here are the things you can do to make the shopping process less daunting for you. These tips may guide you the product that will give you exactly what you require. Let’s explore all options that fit your requirements and find out which type and model are a good fit for you.


Before hitting the aisle of your favorite retailer for a washlet, determine your budget. Know how much you are willing to spend for the product so you won’t overspend on fancy features you do not actually require. Remember that bidet brings the advantage of cutting down your toilet paper cost; therefore you should consider its price in a long term purchase.


When shopping for a washlet it is important to determine your budget and know your options of features and functions that are within your budget range.


Next is water temperature. It’s one of the most important feature upgrade when it comes to choosing a bidet. Remember that even the least expensive models provide a water temperature option so it should be the function you should be looking for when buying one. Water used by bidets is heated in two different ways.


In some models, it will be connected to a hot water line such as bathroom sink while others showcase their own heated water holding tank to provide instant warmth. When a model uses a line that connects to a bathroom sink there’s a chance of a slight delay for making the water warm.


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