Marmalade Buying Guide

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As mentioned above there are a lot of different types of Marmalade. They all work wonderfully with buttered toasted bread. They are also a great addition to cake and are pretty versatile foods. The presence of the rind or peel in the preserve is what makes it extra special. The preserve is also a lot gooier than normal jam, making it much easier to spread over your favorite foods. Another benefit of Marmalade is that it is naturally sweet and not doused in sugar like jams.


Specialized Marmalade

There are many different brands of Marmalade and they all come in interesting packages. There are coarse cut and thin cut types, each having a different texture. The density of the peel is also a specialty. Some brands of Marmalade have much denser peel volumes and will have thick cut peels. There are also marmalades made from different fruits in the same preserve. Each of these has a unique flavor and ingredients sourced from interesting places around the world.


Orange Marmalade

The most famous of all the marmalades, Orange marmalade itself has so many different types. There is blood orange marmalade, extra sweet orange marmalade, diabetic orange marmalade and more. You can pick the one which suits your taste best, going from a dark intensely orange flavor to a light and happy aromatic flavor. Oxford Marmalade is a dark marmalade which is extremely rich in flavor. Whichever way you like it, the marmalade is sure to be a hit at your breakfast table, maybe a bigger one than strawberry jam.



The quality will definitely vary with the price range, but you can pick up a 12 ounce jar of marmalade for a little over $2, while the higher end ones can cost as much as $20. The difference is usually in where the ingredients are being sourced from, and whether they are thin cut, course cut and how they are packed. Marmalade jars are a very famous kitchen item and can be reused over many years.



It is important to pick marmalade with good packaging. The preserve should last at least 6 months if it is kept in an airtight container. Tinned marmalade is quite problematic for this reason because it has to be used soon after it is opened. It is hard to keep tinned marmalade fresh.


Diabetic, organic and low calorie marmalades

With the ever increasing number of health issues that are coming up from today’s lifestyles, there are counters too. You can still enjoy marmalade if you are diabetic, with sugar free marmalade. Organic marmalades are extremely popular now and with low calorie marmalades, you needn’t worry about your indulgence. There are many choices for people with dietary restrictions and is usually a better choice than apricot jam or other sugar rich jams.


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