Colander Buying Guide

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Simple yet Indispensable

Colander is truly indispensable which allows you to wash your vegetables, rinse grains and rice or strain your stock. It is a tool typically found in every well-equipped kitchen. Conventionally, a colander was made of aluminum material with pattern of holes and featured opposing handles for lifting. Today, we can find a plethora of types, features, constructions and even prices of this simple yet very important kitchen tool.


Let’s face it. Collapsible colander is a kitchen tool that’s often overlooked and taken for granted until we need to rinse vegetables or drain our favorite pasta. At this point, we realize and see how valuable a good quality pasta strainer actually is. As you prepare a big pasta dinner for your family and guests, you will definitely find yourself requiring a dependable kitchen tool to drain excess liquid. If you don’t have a colander in your kitchen arsenal yet nor has never shopped for a good colander before, maybe it’s time to give it a thought.


When it comes to buying colanders, you’ll never run out of options of brands, features and prices. You’ll be surprised how many models and makes can fit perfectly to any budget. However, you should keep in mind that colanders are not created equal. Here are the things you may want to consider before browsing your options of colander and strainer to complete your kitchen arsenal.


Quality Construction Material for Every Need

Construction material is one of the most important key features when buying the best strainer in the market. Picking a silicon strainer means saving extra space in your cupboard because it is very easy to collapse. By choosing silicone or plastic strainers, you may be spending way lesser however, you cannot expect for maximum durability unlike metal.


Meanwhile, choosing a strainer with stainless steel construction may allow you to enjoy your colander for many years to come. Stainless steel material is known for its durability – you can definitely expect that your strainer could withstand many uses and rust. Choosing the right construction material will entirely depend on your specific needs.


If you are fond of making salad and preparing a big pasta dinner, a colander that’s highly dependable for draining and straining a large amount of food is what you require. In order to get the job done right, you should consider the size and number of colander’s holes. Make sure the strainer has enough holes for faster-draining.


Choosing a colander that has a fine mesh will work perfectly for straining and draining small foods but things may easily become tough when tiny particles of the food become stuck in them. To avoid the frustration, make sure you are choosing the right number and whole size for your needs.


Enjoy Aesthetic Value

Many colanders are produced with decorative pattern for aesthetic appeal and value. Popular brands of strainers may have attractive shape and decorative pattern so they can easily blend to your kitchen decoration.


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