Kitchen Island & Cart Buying Guide

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Why Kitchen Island is for you?

Cooking is fun when you have the right gear, but delicious meal preparation can be tough when you have inadequate space. If you’re looking for extra room to create your culinary master piece, kitchen islands are a great place to start. Kitchen island table gives you more surface area for dicing and slicing, add some design flavor to your kitchen, and help organize your kitchen more effectively.


Types of kitchen islands

There are a variety of kitchen island types: how about a portable kitchen island or a small kitchen island that is for your own convenience?


1. Kitchen Cart: For someone who is looking for the best piece of cooking equipment a kitchen cart will be the ideal item. These types are equipped with bottom wheels so you have a stylish way of going around your kitchen.


2. Butcher block: If you’re cutting meat frequently a butcher block will make your life much easier. A butcher block is a kitchen island with a thick wooden table top that makes good surface for using as a cutting board.


3. Prep table: Lighter than the butcher block, prep kitchen island table gives you more extra room to dice, slice, and prepare your food for cooking.


4. Microwave cart: If you don’t have a hanging one, a microwave cart is ideal as it is light weight and easy to move as well as holding your microwave.


Best features

Having the right features is paramount is you want the most functional kitchen island:

Drawers are fantastic features on Kitchen Island for storing pots and pans that are of different amounts and sizes for however sizes you need.

Open storage comes in handy when you need kitchen tools fast. Not a problem when you need herbs fast as your access on the lower shelf is just a step away.

Towel Rack provides towel close at whenever you wash anything and is a good idea for any home cook.

Trash Bin can make faster getting rid of excess food and other materials you don’t use so a trash bin will be the cherry on top of any kitchen island you can find.


Advantages of Kitchen Island

A kitchen island at home adds versatility and style to your kitchen. Kitchen islands serve different purposes; some house the sink, some house the cooktop, and some only house storage. You can opt for a portable kitchen island or a small kitchen island or whichever island type you fall and you will enjoy the many advantages of having one. Today, homes have Kitchen islands and it is becoming the most popular trend to have in the home.


Kitchen islands are very versatile, with a microwave cart they can do as much as you want from cooking to cleaning to as little with its additional storage and counter space. You have the option to choose whichever island you like; whether it’s small or large, portable or not, they enhance the quality of your kitchen space.


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