Foam Roller Buying Guide

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About Foam Rollers

Foam rollers, once relegated for physical therapy, are now used in gyms to help facilitate various forms of exercise. Where traditional foam rollers were thought to only positively impact and push along physical injuries, today’s rollers have a much wider use. Their versatility is often attributed to their increase in popularity.

Notably, foam rollers come in a variety of forms and types. Each type often helps facilitate a different function(s). There are some, such as the medium density foam roller that can be used to achieve just about any purpose. Regardless, to get the most out of your foam roller, it is often best that you acquaint yourself with the various types available in the market.


Foam Rollers Defined

Foam rollers are devices that are often cylindrical in nature. However, they do come in various textures, sizes and shapes. When trying to purchase one, you want to choose one that is perfect for your needs. As previously mentioned, there are a number of foam rollers available in the market. The wide array of options can be a little confusing in what to purchase for those first-timers. The best way to approach the situation is by looking at the purpose of purchasing it.


What can you do with it?

Are you purchasing the roller simply for exercise or for massage purposes? If you are trying to find one that will help treat your back ailments, you want to purchase a back roller, instead of an exercise one. Low-density foam rollers can act as exercise, massage or muscle rollers. As the name suggests, these rollers are low in density and hence, are light in nature. Low-density foam rollers are great for exercising, but also for massaging sore muscles after an intense workout.


Medium density

Medium density foam rollers, however, are perfect for any purpose. Whether you want to exercise, massage your sore muscles or release muscle tension, this one’s perfect for you. It’s highly versatile and can help you save money. Firm form rollers are suitable for athletes or individuals that do not mind the hardness of these types of rollers. Their hardness makes for a more intense rolling session, which in turn, increases recovery time.


Bumpy foam roller

Bumpy foam rollers are a crowd favourite because they are designed to target trigger points in the muscle. In other words, they are very effective in releasing tension and knots around the areas such as the shoulders and back. Hence, they make for very effective massage or back rollers.


High density

High-density rollers are often recommended for exercise. They help increase core stabilization, body balance and flexibility. High- density means that they can retain their shape even after using them for a rigorous exercise routine. Moreover, just like bumpy foam rollers, these rollers are perfect for releasing tension and knots by targeting trigger points.


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