Shower Radio Buying Guide

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When buying a shower radio, the following are a few features you need to pay attention to..



It may seem unimportant but the right pairing ( radio and bathroom decor) can actually lift your mood up. If you plan on getting a shower radio, then you must invest in one which matched the overall color scheme and decor of your bathroom without looking like something that is out of place.



Price is one of the most important elements of a shower radio you need to pay attention to. Do not let yourself get fooled because the radio comes with a reasonable or a low price tag.

If the price is not an issue, that’s fine but if you have a limited budget, you must check multiple customer reviews before you finalize a radio for your bathroom. Hence, try to finalize the best possible radio within your price range.


Radio Size

Size preference varies from person to person. Some of the users prefer larger radio whereas some consider smaller ones better. You should consider the size of your bathroom before you opt for a certain size of the radio.


Water Resistance

IPX stands for Ingress Protection and X is for the number/level of protection offered by the device. It basically shows how water resistant your electric device is. The IPX levels range from 0-8 with 0 being the lowest and 8 being the highest.

This means you must try and invest in shower radios with high IPX level. Shower radios with IPX 7 or above are waterproof and absolutely safe to be used in showers.



Deciding whether you want a DAB or FM radio is one of the fundamentals. DAB allows a person access to digital stations. The person basically gets access to thousands of more stations than what FM can offer. DAB also enables a person to listen to his favorites stations overseas.

If you are somebody who needs a wide variety of stations, then DAB is for you but if a limited number of stations can work for you, then you might want to opt for FM.


Something Extra?

In addition to the basics, some known brands offer extra features with their radios. These include Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth is always a plus point as it allows the person to listen to his favorite tunes.

Bluetooth further facilitates a person in attending calls when his hands are not free. So, if a person needs to attend an important call, he wouldn’t need to wait until he is out of the shower.


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