Thermometers Buying Guide

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Digital vs Analog thermometers

It is very easy nowadays to find the accurate temperature of food, all thanks to digital thermometers. Analog thermometers have been being used in the kitchen for decades, although they haven’t helped a lot more than just letting you know an approximate temperature range, which sometimes isn’t enough.


Whereas, Digital Thermometers provide you with accurate and on point readings so that you can cook your meals properly so that they are never under cooked or over cooked. Digital thermometers can also be a lot more helpful than a traditional analog thermometer when you’re performing some difficult recipe or tempering chocolate or making cheese, which needs to be done very carefully.


Specialized Thermometers

Meat Thermometer

The main purpose of meat thermometers is to make sure that a piece of meat is cooked properly so that it does not contain any harmful bacteria and to decrease the chances of food poisoning. A meat thermometer is inserted in the center of the piece of meat and it tells you the temperature of that piece from inside.


Sugar Thermometer

Professional confectioners and newbie sweet makers, both know how important it is to bring the sugar up to the correct temperature because if the temperature is either too low or too high it might end up ruining the whole recipe. For such recipes and tough tasks in the kitchen, it is important to have a sugar temperature handy to help you in making the perfect sweets.



To achieve the perfect temperature for recipes that require accuracy, the oven/grill temperature will be utterly helpful. The oven/grill thermometer will show you the accurate temperature inside the oven/grill. Ovens achieve temperature by cycling on and off, but even the best ovens fail to give the desired temperature by some degrees.


What To Look For In An Thermometer


The most important thing of a kitchen thermometer is that it should be accurate. Accuracy is the main factor that helps you achieve the perfect temperature to cook the best food.



Speed is an important factor of a good thermometer as you’ll need to get instant readings. You should opt for an instant read thermometer that stabilizes within 3 to 10 seconds. It will be important for you to have a high-speed thermometer when reaching into a hot oven, over a grill or into a pot to measure temperature.



The functionality of a thermometer can greatly affect your cooking. You should know what type of thermometers will prove best for you before you start shopping for one.


Sometimes thermometers with the function to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit can prove to be very helpful for cooks who like to try different recipes of different origins. Some digital thermometers’ displays rotate to help you in easily reading the readings no matter what angle they’re held in.


Some thermometers come with pre-programmed minimum meat cooking temperatures and also lets you know when you’re done. Some thermometers also double as timers too.


Temperature Range

A good thermometer that will be helpful for you in the kitchen should have a wide temperature range. An all-purpose thermometer will have a wide range as you’ll be trying out many different recipes.


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