Freestanding Range Buying Guide

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Why opt for a freestanding range?

Freestanding ranges have long been the most popular type of cooking appliance. In terms of installation, this is the easiest to install. They can be placed anywhere in your kitchen as long as you have gas and electrical hookup. With its finished sides and a flat back, they can be placed in the range space you prepared. The oven controls are found at the back while the wall is protected by the back guard protects so no mess or heat bothers the cook. Price-wise, they are the lowest and cheapest but the most convenient of the different types of range designs.


Choose a versatile fuel free standing range

Freestanding ranges help you prepare perfect meals. Versatile freestanding ranges bring to your kitchen features that are professionally-inspired that result to more precise and perfect cooking. No matter what you’re cooking, you will enjoy its spacious capacity. Add versatility to your modern kitchen with a freestanding electric range as it is designed and easily incorporated into any new or pre-existing layout. A freestanding range dual oven provides full control of a mixed gas cooktop that has an electric oven consistency.


90% of the American population is using freestanding ranges

There are freestanding ranges, slide-in ranges and induction ranges all with different features and prices. 90% of the American population owns freestanding gas range. Majority of Americans prefer the 30’’ wide, although there are some manufacturers producing smaller sizes like 20″ and a bit bigger 24″ models for those living in compact spaces.




Freestanding gas ranges have the most diverse cooktop configurations as compared to the other types of products in the cooking industry. It has four burners that is the standard level entry for gas range. If you want extreme heat and higher simmer, get a greater variety of BTU. Some of the 30-inch ranges have an oblong griddle burner in the range middle or others have 5 burners.


Warming drawers

Warming drawers are practical features in some freestanding ranges. Warming drawers keep dishes warm until they are ready to serve. This feature is great for people who loves entertaining or have large families.



For broiling and all of your basic cooking needs, a gas oven is great. A double oven construction is found in some freestanding ranges. Dual ovens can be used like an ordinary stove with extra oven so there can be other use for the storage warming drawer. A true double oven has more versatility while the bigger oven is appropriate preparing turkey and other roasts.


When you buy appliances, you will always include your personal preference. Whether, you are buying an electric range or buying a gas range, you will decide which one will work best for you. Find lots of extra features that add more convenience or better consistency in your cooking. Remember that what are important in cooking are a good stovetop that heats pots properly and a hot oven that will bake your bread evenly.


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