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Can crusher is equipment used to crush empty aluminum cans. This tool is particularly useful for people who collected a lot of drinking soda and other aluminum cans for easy recycling. An aluminum can crusher has hinges, handle, frame metal bolts and compressing plate. These parts hold the mechanism together in order to crush cans easily.

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Dial M-92 Can Ram Crusher
Crush aluminum cans quickly and safely with the Dial Can Crusher and allows for disposing of wet, messy or sharp edged cans with limited handling. It will not rust or cause paint chipping. This product includes hardware for hassle free installation.
  • Holds 10 cans at one time.
  • Crushes 5 bags on cans into 1 bag.
  • Requires no electricity or batteries.
Dial M-92 Can Crusher
Buffalo CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher
Quickly and easily crush aluminum cans using the Buffalo heavy duty can crusher, to save room in the garbage or recycling bin. The can crusher mounts vertically with 4 included wood screws giving you maximum leverage for easier can crushing.
  • Heavy gauge steel plate construction.
  • Large cushion grip handle.
  • Built in bottle opener.
Buffalo CNCRSH
Basic 77703 Multi Crush Aluminum Crusher
This aluminum can crusher instantly crushes most cans to about 1-inch. Simply hold the handle and pull it down. It automatically ejects cans into a container. Save valuable space both where you store the cans and when you transport them.
  • Crushes all 12-ounce cans.
  • Sturdy all-steel construction.
  • Loads up to (6) 12-ounce cans.
Basic 77703
BIL Single Aluminum Can Crusher 'C'
This aluminum can crusher can handle tall (16 oz) or standard (12oz) cans with ease. Maximum size is 7 inch tall. It is nearly impervious to the weather. It has an extra long handle (16 inch) to make the can crushing chore as easy as possible.
  • Heavy duty solid steel construction.
  • Paint hardened powder coated for long life.
  • Padded grip for comfort.
BIL Single Aluminum Can Crusher 'C' can smasher
Pit Bull TAIC0687 Can Crusher, 12 oz
This can crusher is great for the environment. It rececycles aluminum soda, pop, and beer cans by compressing to approx. 20% of its original size. It is made of powder coated steel.
  • Mounts to any solid surface, wall or table.
  • Safe.
  • Reliable.
Pit Bull Can Crusher
Basic 77702 Easy Crush Aluminum
This is a sturdy can crusher that instantly most cans to about 1-inch. Simply hold the handle and pull it down. You will be doing your part in helping the environment by recycling the cans.
  • Crushed can save 5 times as much space.
  • All-steel construction.
  • Makes recycling fun and easy.
Basic 77702
MasterCrush crushmc1 Aluminum Can Recycler
MasterCrush Aluminum can crusher is the only can crusher to recycle many sizes of aluminum drink cans. It can reduce plastic water bottles as well as the thin walled aluminum cans.
  • Stainless rods.
  • Powder coated steel.
  • Made in the USA.
MasterCrush crushmc1
McKay COMINHKPR127244 Auto Dispensing
McKay can crusher makes recycling a breeze: Recycle aluminum soda, pop, and beer cans. For use with standard 16oz. and 12 oz. aluminum cans. It compressed cans to approximately 20% of its original size.
  • Reliable & safe.
  • Large cushion grip.
  • Only two moving parts.
Easy Pull EP 1026 Auto Dispensing Crusher
This aluminum can crush is America's easiest to use - 75% easier than other can crusher. It is for use with standard 12oz. aluminum can. It offers child safety stops. It is made in the USA.
  • Fun & safe for kids.
  • Quality construction.
  • Dispenses can after crushing.
Easy Pull EP 1026 aluminum can crusher
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Can Crusher Buying Guide

 Useful and Economical

Compressing cans with the use of aluminum can crusher, especially if you have a lot of soda cans lying on the floor, may give more room in your garbage disposal. Crushing all the leftover cans after a party using your hands or feet can be seriously painful. A can smasher is an efficient tool to do the job. More so, a typical can smasher does not cost a lot of money.