Bed Skirt Buying Guide

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A Taste of Style and Elegance

Bed skirt, also known as valance, is an elegant decorative fabric placed and used between the box spring and mattress of the bed. Gone were the days when only the rich and famous purchase bed ruffle for their beds. Today, bed skirts are highly available for everyone, carrying more affordable price tags yet their elegant style still remains.


Traditionally, bed skirt is used as a dust ruffle. They were placed under the bed in order to prevent dust, potentially reduce dust mites and block drafts from accumulating under a bed. Nowadays, many consumers buy dust ruffle in order to give their bed a stylish look, hide the box spring of the bed and create an additional storage underneath.


Enjoy the Aesthetic Benefits

If you’re looking forward to design and create the perfect bedroom, a bed skirt is one important element to give your bed the attention it deserves. It is a very important piece that can make a huge difference in terms of aesthetic design of a bedroom. Bed ruffles come in a wide variety of patterns and styles that are useful ways to bring additional texture, color and pattern to the overall decoration of your bedroom.


Explore the Functional Benefits

When you are planning to purchase a bed skirt to complete the look of your bedroom, there are things you should consider. Choose the right size and drop of your bed ruffles. Bed skirts are generally tailored in many different ways but they should be long enough to reach the floor. By choosing the right size and drop, you’ll be able to create an additional storage underneath to store things easily without compromising the look and feel of the space.


Make sure to get an accurate measurement of the bed skirt, it is never safe to assume that a queen size bed will also get a skirt that’s 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Make sure it fits perfectly to your bed so it won’t ruin the overall look of your bedroom.


Interesting Patterns and Versatile Choices

When it comes to choosing the right color of your bed ruffles, solid color has always been a versatile choice. However, if you opt for light colors such as yellow and white, just make sure the light will not show through from under your bed.

Dust ruffles mostly come in interesting patterns, check, texture and stripe. In order to choose the right pattern for your bed, make sure it’s appropriate for your style and overall room decor. The patterns may complement or contrast of your designs and other fabrics. A stylish bed skirt can make your bed classic and stylish for many years to come.

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