Can Crusher Buying Guide

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Useful and Economical

Compressing cans with the use of aluminum can crusher, especially if you have a lot of soda cans lying on the floor, may give more room in your garbage disposal. Crushing all the leftover cans after a party using your hands or feet can be seriously painful. A can smasher is an efficient tool to do the job. More so, a typical can smasher does not cost a lot of money.


Aluminum can smashers will not only help to save up space in your disposal bin but you may also earn and make some money for aluminum recycling. Yes, you heard it right. There are several states where you can get money when recycle aluminum. All you need to do is collect your crushed aluminum cans and take them to the nearest recycling center. These recycling centers will pay for all your crushed cans.


A Range of Options

If you’re eager to make some amount out of your garbage this chance. You can shop for a can crusher that can be manually or automatically operated. There are also two most common types of can smashers. Most manufacturers produce a smasher that can crush aluminum can one a time. It is called single crusher. Multiple can smashers that come with good quality and highly durable construction cost significantly more. But for many people, a single can smasher is good enough.


When shopping for a can crusher, you will also find a variety of options in terms of placement and installation. They can be vertical, horizontal or multi position. Choosing the right placement and installation choices will depend on your personal preferences in using the tool and storage space.


In most cases, horizontal can crushers are preferred when considering about the storage space because horizontal crushers could easily be stored in some areas where vertical smashers cannot. Then there’s also a foot-operated can crusher which allows you to crush your collected cans easily with feet. Foot-operated smashers are usually larger compared to hand-operated tools.


Quality and Durability you can Trust

Shop by materials and size. The most popular materials used in can crushers are plastic and steel. We all know that can crushers made of steel is the most ideal choice if you’re looking for durability. Steel smashers are more durable and sturdy than plastic but moreover, they look better.  On the other hand, plastic smashers can be durable as well because it is made from nylon – a very durable material. Plastic can smashers can withstand repetitive use and continuous load. Moreover, plastic material is typically way cheaper compared to steel.


Regardless of which material you prefer, make sure the product is made from premium quality. You can shop from the leading can crusher manufacturers to ensure the product’s quality and durability.


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