Cash Register Buying Guide

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Types of Cash Registers

Single Roll Cash Registers

Cash registers which feature single rolls are the basic type, they print some simple details on the receipt. These cash registers only give a price entry and a department number. These types of basic single roll cash registers prove to be the best choice for keeping a journal or printing out a customer receipt, although not both. If you opt for the receipt printing option the details printed on the receipt will be limited to only some basic details.


Twin/Dual Roll Cash Registers

If you’re looking for a cash register that will enable you to print a receipt and journal both, then purchasing a machine with a dual roll printer will be the best choice for you. It will allow you to keep a record for your use and will also print out a receipt to be given to your customer.


Thermal Printing Cash Registers

Nowadays the newer models of Cash Registers come with a thermal printer. These thermal printers prove to be very fast, noiseless and reliable. An image is printed by the printer by heating coated thermal paper.


Consider Your Size And Needs

When buying a cash register the first thing you should consider is the current size and requirement of your business and you should also consider the estimated growth for the next few years. You might have an inventory with thousands of items and have several departments to keep check. Or your business might be a comparatively smaller operation where only a few dozen items are stored in the inventory and have a small shopping area.


Look For Security Features

When buying a cash register it would also be helpful to consider the security features provided in it to keep your cash, checks, and electronic payment information safe and protected. That is the reason why it is utterly important to look for some fundamental security features.


A locking drawer will make sure that no unauthorized person will be able to access the cash and checks. Installing a cash drop box nearby should also be considered so that large sums of money can be stored safely.


Consider Receipt Printing Options

Another option that demands consideration is the fact that whether you would want to use a thermal or print ribbon cash register. A thermal printer might surely be more expensive but it will definitely help you to save more money in the long run. As they use heat in the printing of the receipts, you won’t have to buy new ink cartridges regularly. A print ribbon printer may be a lot less expensive and the text printed by it on the receipts might be clearer, but you will have to face the expense of ink cartridges on a regular basis.


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