Cash Register Top 10 Rankings

Having a cash register is a necessary thing to have for any product-based business where you will be needing to perform a number of transactions on a daily basis. Cash registers come in different ranges which are basic, with limited features, or a comprehensive point of sale (POS) system which feature a number of features.  

We announce latest rankings of best Cash Register. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Cash Register Buying Guide also. 


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Tangkula Cash Register
Tangkula Cash Register is compatible with Epson POS Printers. A key comes with this cash register. It can be opened with a key or automatically if connected to receipt printer.
  • Material: Metal and plastic.
  • Size of the 5 bill trays: 58mm x 1、70mm x 2、75mm x 1、80mm x 1.
  • Durability: 2000000 operations.
Tangkula Cash Register Cash Register
88 /100

2xhome Cash Register
2xhome Cash Register has the unique feature with 12VDC output through the 6-pin (RJ11 or RJ12) connector. It is compatible with most major manufacture models, such as Epson Star Citizen JAY Star Bixolon printers.
  • Removable coin trays.
  • Adjustable divider.
  • Bill clips are spring-loaded.
2xhome Cash Register
89 /100

SOLUX SX-CD-100-RJ Cash Register is compatible with most major brands of receipt printers/thermal printers, such as Epson, Star, Citizen, JAY, Star and Bixolon, and Windows XP, 7 & 8. It is prewired with RJ11/RJ12 cable or phone jack.
  • Heavy-duty metal design.
  • Five spring-loaded clips for bills/checks.
  • Front panel slip deposit slot.
89 /100

Casio PCR-T273
Casio PCR-T273 is a cash register that combines value with functionally. Functionally the machines provide a high speed single tape thermal printer with the ability to customize the receipt header message to print on customer receipts.
  • Built-in rear customer display.
  • Compact design.
  • Eight (8) clerks with sign-on codes and reporting.
Casio PCR-T273
90 /100

Casio PCR-T500
Casio PCR-T500 Cash Register combines style with functionality. It provides the operator a reference for the current transaction to eliminate errors. Up to five (5) items, the transaction subtotal and the price of last item entered are all displayed for the operator’s review.
  • 2 X 2 built-in pop up rear customer display.
  • 10-line operator LCD display with easy viewing tilt.
  • Medium cash drawer (4 bill/5 coin).
Casio PCR-T500
90 /100

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Sharp XEA407
The Sharp XE-A407 Cash Register has a professional-class 8-line operator display. The XE-A407 has a feature with advanced sales reporting capabilities and is designed for use with QuickBooks Pro. It comes with one year of access to a toll-free technical support hotline.
  • Dual roll register tape.
  • Directly hardwire credit card terminal.
  • 7000 price look-ups.
Sharp XEA407
91 /100

2xhome 16″ POS
2xhome 16″ POS Cash Register is compatible with most major manufacture models, such as Epson Star Citizen JAY Star Bixolon printers. It has 12VDC output through the 6-pin (RJ11 or RJ12) connector.
  • Coin tray is removable.
  • Prewired with RJ11/RJ12 cable or phone jack.
  • Adjustable dividers for 4 or 5 compartments.
2xhome 16
91 /100

Sharp XEA107
The entry level Sharp XE-A107 Cash Register is the perfect partner for a small business owner who needs an electronic cash register that’s big on performance but small in size.
  • Simplified programming key strokes.
  • External bill tray.
  • Removable key tops for easy cleaning.
Sharp XEA107
92 /100

Casio SE-G1SC-RD
Casio SE-G1SC-RD Cash Register features a built-in rear customer LCD display with large font, 999 PLUS/8 Clerks numbers, drop & load paper (58 MM), anti-microbial keyboard and 4 tax rates.
  • 7 position mode key lock.
  • Interactive setup.
  • 4B/5C drawer insert.
Casio SE-G1SC-RD
93 /100

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Cash Register Buying Guide

 Types of Cash Registers

Cash registers which feature single rolls are the basic type, they print some simple details on the receipt. These cash registers only give a price entry and a department number. These types of basic single roll cash registers prove to be the best choice for keeping a journal or printing out a customer receipt, although not both. If you opt for the receipt printing option the details printed on the receipt will be limited to only some basic details.