Pet Urine Detector Buying Guide

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Choosing the right product

When looking to buy a urine detector, there is a wide range of brands and options to go through. In most cases, a UV flashlight will do the trick. It is extremely portable and you can search all the regular spots in a flash. The black light flashlight is able to highlight dry stains left behind by cats and dogs.

Whether you are looking to find the spots in order to discipline your pet, or maintain a cleaner home, a UV flashlight is a very handy thing to have. It is important to remember that the flashlight will not highlight wet puddles and potty pads. Only dry or semi-dry stains will be detectable.


Double check before you buy

Not all backlight flashlights will be able to detect urine and stains. You need to ensure that the range of the UV flashlight is consistent with the range that exposes them. Buying powerful black light flashlights also comes with some health risks. Never point the light into eyes, whether human or animal as they can be damaging.


Buy it with protective eyewear

It is advisable to buy the flashlight with high contrast glasses with a yellow tint. Not only does this help you find the stains quicker, it also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. The high contrast glasses block out the radiant effect of the UV rays, leaving just the stains. This makes your pet urine detector much more effective.


Works pretty much everywhere

Whether it is on hardwood floors, carpets, curtains, walls or furniture, the UV flashlight picks up pretty much everything. The biggest warning on this product is realizing that your pet has not been as much of a good girl or boy as you thought. While you can’t always be sure that it was your pet, it still points out the spots that need sanitization wherever you shine your light.


Battery Requirements

Like most flashlights, these black light flashlights also run on normal batteries. If you are having this shipped from a foreign country, make sure they use the same kinds of battery. Flashlights with rechargeable batteries are also common. This saves you the hassle of having to replace the batteries every few weeks.

A good idea to increase the longevity of the batteries is to remove them after each use. Consider buying a flashlight that is durable and well made, so that you do not end up damaging the product by repeated battery removal.


Get a good spray on cleaner to help

While this product helps you find the stains, they are not as easily removed as you think. Most cleaners will still leave something for the flashlight to detect. Get a good one specifically to clean up after your pets.


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