Skateboards Buying Guide

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Complete or Custom?

When buying a skateboard you have two options to choose from – Either you can purchase a ‘complete’ – It is the type in which the parts have been put together already, providing you a ‘Complete Setup’ OR you can pick the ‘Custom set up’ instead –in which you can choose every single part by yourself that satisfy your personal need. Route One will put together your ‘custom’ skateboard totally free of charge, so you have no need to worry about how you’ll manage to put all the parts together by yourself.


Skateboard Decks

Skateboard decks are categorized in two different board categories:

  • The trick or street is less than 33 inches long
  • The long board is over 35 inches long

The classical street decks are used most commonly, whereas long boards are mostly used for cruising and to give a more ‘windy’ feel.


The trick decks (except for some longboards) usually have a more raised nose, tail, and sides. The bend along the width of the deck is called as the concave. The depth and the shape concave has a deep effect on the response of the skateboard to the skater. The deeper the concave is the more easily the skater can perform more aggressive tricks.


Shape preference

Skateboards come in a number of different of shapes and it can prove to be really confusing to get your head around in the beginning. With time as you use and use your beginner board till that limit where you need a new deck, you can try a few different deck shapes to find out more about what suits you better. You can get the ones with old classic looks and cruisers later. Starting off with a more ordinary shape will help you to learn pumping the bowl and the less complicated flat ground tricks. The more the concave is the easier it will prove to flip the board.



To choose the right truck size, you should just refer to the size of your deck. It is important that the axle length of the trucks suits accordingly to the width of the deck, which means when the trucks are installed they should match the width of the deck.



Wheels come in sets of four; you’ll need two for each one of the trunks. They come in sizes ranging from 49mm to 60mm. Wheels over 60mm are for longboards or cruisers. Wheels ranging from 49mm to 54mm are usually used when used for skating in the street terrain. 55mm to 60mm wheels are more suitable for transitions, ramps or in local skate parks. Wheels come in different colors and designs. There are many brands which offer good quality wheels. 


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