PS4 Controllers Top 10 Rankings

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The PlayStation 4 has been out for well over 3 years and in this time frame its controller has had some great new releases. Though the original PS4 controller was a great controller but left a lot to be desired. If you're looking to buy the best PS4 controller for you, here is what you need to know.

We announce latest rankings of best PS4 Controllers. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss PS4 Controllers Buying Guide also.

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HORI Fighting Commander
The Fighting Commander is the ultimate controller for 2D Fighting Games and also works great on many other 2D software titles. This pad is a pure performer with the industry's best D-Pad, six-button layout, large buttons, improved ergonomics, and high quality construction.
  • 10-foot cable is long enough and the wired connection ensures quick and accurate
  • It also compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC through Input
  • It include the R/L Toggle switch to allow all buttons to be accessed by the right hand
HORI Fighting Commander PS4 Controllers
HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4
The HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 features a full 8-button layout and a proper micro switch activated joystick yet is small enough to easily store and transport (product is approximately 8” x 6”).
  • Having compact design with all the features of a typical arcade stick controller
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • This wired controller features a long cable, Share button, and other convenient functions
HORI Fighting Stick
Sony Playstation Move Motion
The PlayStation Move Motion Controllers deliver an immersive and extraordinary gaming experience. Advanced motion sensors and lighted spheres work together with the PlayStation Camera to track both fast and subtle movements with astounding precision.
  • Having advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology
  • Easily accessible trigger and face buttons
  • Immersive vibration feedback
Sony Playstation Move Motion
Rock Band 4 Pro Drum Kit
The cross-platform Pro-Cymbals Expansion Kit unlocks Pro mode in Rock Band 4.Expand your drumming setup with realistic Crash, Ride and Hi-Hat cymbals. Watch the on-screen action come alive as cymbal icons appear on each song - letting you play each track as it was truly meant to be played.
  • Color-coding and easy-to-install clamps get you ready to rock within minutes
  • Very responsive and made up of sound absorbing design
  • It can be used with wireless drum kits and also with previous versions of rock band
Rock Band 4 cymbals
HORI Real Arcade Pro 4
The Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a tournament-grade fighting stick that brings the arcade experience home. Now available in three new colors! Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC through XInput.
  • Adjust button assignment, Turbo settings, stick control assignment, and more
  • Easily Compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC (XInput)
  • Redesigned chassis and increased space between and below stick and buttons
HORI Real Arcade Pro 4
Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO 3-Pedal
The Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO 3-Pedal Add-On Pedal Set is a realistic, high-end pedal set that will take your driving experience to a whole new level! It offers 2 different positions (floor-mounted or suspended), 100% metal construction, 100% adjustability, and includes 2 different removable BRAKE MODS.
  • It is Compatible with all Thrustmaster T-Series Racing Wheels
  • It Includes 2 different removable BRAKE MODS for the brake pedal
  • It Includes large metal footrest with non-slip grating
Thrustmaster T3PA-PRO 3-Pedal
PSVR Aim Farpoint Bundle
Farpoint, a riveting VR adventure set on a hostile unknown planet, was created exclusively for PlayStation VR and developed alongside the VR Aim Controller. On a mission to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, sudden rupture nearby sends you and their station crashing onto an unknown alien world.
  • Precise and intuitive aiming for compatible PlayStation VR shooter games
  • Easily-accessible Dualshock 4 controls
  • Advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology
VR Aim Controller Farpoint
DualShock 4 Wireless Jet Black
The DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller features familiar controls while incorporating new ways to interact with games and other players. Improved dual analog sticks and trigger buttons offer an even greater sense of control.
  • Upload gameplay videos and screenshots directly without disturbing the game in progress
  • Revolutionary features like the touch pad, integrated light bar, and built-in speaker
  • It can easily be recharged by plugging it into your PlayStation 4 system
DualShock 4 Wireless Jet Black
DualShock 4 Wireless Wave Blue
The DualShock 4 features familiar controls and incorporates several innovative features to usher in a new era of interactive experiences. Its definitive analog sticks and trigger buttons have been improved for greater feel and sensitivity.
  • Having built-in speaker and stereo headset jack, new audio options in the player's hands
  • Camera allows for easy player identification and screen adjustment
  • Having much tighter sense of control over in-game actions
DualShock 4 Wireless Wave Blue
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PS4 Controllers Buying Guide

 Original PS4 controllers

The original PS4 controllers are made by Sony and can be purchased separately as well. These are the bases for all modded and Elite controllers on the PS4. If you're a casual gamer who isn't into competitive games or requires mods to play FPS games, these are ideal for you. You can find these in different colors and their warranty is backed by Sony. These are affordable, easy to buy and are equally good at different game genres.