PS4 Controllers Buying Guide

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Original PS4 controllers

The original PS4 controllers are made by Sony and can be purchased separately as well. These are the bases for all modded and Elite controllers on the PS4. If you’re a casual gamer who isn’t into competitive games or requires mods to play FPS games, these are ideal for you. You can find these in different colors and their warranty is backed by Sony. These are affordable, easy to buy and are equally good at different game genres.


Elite PlayStation 4 controllers

As the name implies, PS4 Elite controllers are designed for the elite gaming class. These generally tend to be more expensive and have higher quality as well as having a variety of features that can really help improve your game when used properly. Elite PS4 controllers have a variety of extra buttons that can be customized according to the users need using an onboard software. PS4 Elite controllers are more ergonomic and their thumbsticks have increased angles of articulation.


The additionally have detachable triggers and options to increase or decrease the controller’s weight. PS4 Elite controllers are generally more expensive and have higher quality parts that make them worth the extra buck. Unlike modded controllers, almost all mainstream play PS4 controllers can be used in tournaments in competitions. But what makes Elite controller stand out the most is the fact that you can make multiple user profiles for separate games and optimize them to maximize efficiency and performance – plus they look cool.


Modded controllers

If you are looking for a PlayStation 4 controller that is made according to your specific needs, then getting a custom modded PS4 controller is the best way to go. Custom modded PS4 controllers are made by third parties that have no relation to Sony.


Custom modded PS4 controllers let you customize a PS4 controller and add different modes based on your needs. You can increase or decrease the weight of the controller you can increase or decrease the weight of the controller, add more buttons, give it a special look, add install Mod chips such as rapid fire and drop shot that gives you an advantage in games.


Some mods in modded controllers are not allowed in competitions and tournaments but can be used online gameplay. So if you’re looking for a controller to give you an extra Hours during online gameplay, then PS4 modded controllers are the way to go.


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