Baby Bubble Bath Buying Guide

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Facts about baby bath

Maintaining personal hygiene of a new born baby as well as that of a little grown-up child is as important as giving him nourishment. For the newly born, you can safely give him sponge bath during and after the crawl stage, your child needs to practice more personal cleanliness. During hot summers, bath him twice daily and during cold winters, bathe the a tub of warm water. Use a soft towel to properly dry the body before applying any powder. Use baby creams and lotions to make your child smell heavenly.


Beware of toxins in bubble bath

Cocamide DEA & Sodium Laureth or Lauryl Sulphate as foaming agents and some form of Glycol solvent are found in commercial bubble baths. Aside from using artificial colors, fragrances and triethanolamine, they also use all kinds of chemicals that have been linked to serious health risks. Beware of these risks!


Overall safety in baby’s bubble bath

The general consensus is no bubble bath for toddler’s until age three, and even then proceeds with caution. Experts from say, ‘if you do decide to give baby a bubble bath, choose one a fragrance-free product’. Your baby should not be allowed to soak in a bubble bath for too long time and to be make sure to rinse your child well, especially her private parts, using clean tepid water before toweling dry.


A final word of caution is to be sure the water temperature isn’t too hot and you have an adjustable water thermostat, set that to the appropriate temperate.


What makes a great bubble bath?

Consider a kid’s bubble bath as ‘great’, if it makes super, big, fluffy bubbles that are thick enough to pick up with your hands and play with the bubbles lasting the length of bathtime. Most all of the high quality, safe bubble bath costs an average of about $15 for a 12 oz. bottle but the price is worth it because all these products have excellent safety ratings.


As only1-2 capfuls of liquid are needed for each bath, your bottle will last a long time. One other important factor of a good bubble bath is one that your baby’s skin is not irritated, or it is left dry. The bath’s purpose is not only to have fun but feels soft, and clean. The best bubble bath to pick is one that is hypoallergenic for it serves all skin types.


Safe bubble bath for kids

Organic bubble bath is formulated allergen free for your baby so the young ones are safe from those nasty sulfates, parabens and artificial colors & fragrances. All other bubble baths are inorganic and have chemicals linked to serious health risks. Since organic baby bubble bath contains no harmful chemicals, it is dye and fragrance free and even uses gentler and more expensive foaming agents. To maintain a preservative system that is safe, it contains no formaldehyde, Parabens or other suspected carcinogens.

Do not let your kids miss the joy of bubble bath for toddlers as there being a kid comes only once in a life time and there are many safe and harmless options to do it. You can purchase organic bubble bath online from many big stores and purchase online at Amazon.Com.


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