Opera Glasses Buying Guide

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Why buy opera glasses?

Opera glasses are used in indoor settings to watch performances in theatres like ballet, musical plays, stage presentations and opera. Fine arts patrons use the opera binoculars to see the fine details and facial expressions often missed by the audience. Opera glasses have also been used as status symbol throughout the ages. Royalties like Queen Marie Antoniette, were dashing figures using their opera glasses watching theatre performances.


Few considerations in your selection

The color

Your opera glasses are lifetime purchases. Opt for a color and style that will match your outfits for years to come. Classical colors, like white, black, gold and silver are good choice since they complement everything and never go out of fashion.


The magnification

You have to know you opera glasses magnifications. There are standard magnifications for opera glasses. If you are not seated in the front row, the magnifications must not be less than 3x.


With a handle or chain

If you are the kind of person who has the penchant for losing things, the opera glasses with chain is good for you. An extendable handle is the perfect length so you can rest your arm on the chair-rest and view through the lenses.


With a light

Light in an opera glass is a practical feature that sad to note is not found on all pairs of opera glasses. The light of theater glasses is hardly noticed so others around you are not disturbed while you read your program so easily without having to wait until the intermission.


Designs and features of opera glasses

The opera glasses are small in design so it fits easily inside a pocket or purse. It can be folding opera glasses with roof prisms—meaning the prisms are lined up in a single barrel for each eye. The prisms are what give the binocular glasses their trendy and chic look and handy size. Opera glasses have a single focus wheel to focus both eyes simultaneously.


Opera binoculars are designed to give a brighter image then regular binoculars. This is because the objective lens diameter (the lens pointed away) is significantly greater than the eyepiece lens, usually relatively small. This brighter image is desirable in a darkened theatre.


Multiple optional attachments and styles of opera glasses

Theatre binoculars offer features you don’t find on other binocular sets to make them much easier to use inside and within a group of people. Smooth and streamlined, standard glasses are easily held in hand. They are portable and also attractive so you can take out of your purse or pocket and place within reach. Opera glasses feel so smooth and comfortable as you hold it in cradled in your hands.


Many folding opera glasses have neck straps that are stylish and designed for comfort. The chain used is a neck strap that matches the glass or it can be solid black leather that feels gentle against the neck.


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