Work & Safety Footwear Buying Guide

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There are a number of different requirements for a pair of shoes to be called safety shoes. If you are an employee buying shoes for him, ask your employer or other employees what kind of safety shoes are needed. If you are an employer buying safety shoes for the staff, you will need to decide which type of shoe meets your safety criteria.


Steel Toe Boots

The steel toe is one of the most common features of a safety shoe. It gives a hardened edge to the boot, protecting the toes and causing anything falling on the shoe to bounce off. These work shoes have been used for decades in factories and form a key part of the safety equipment in the workplace.

These steel toe boots come in different styles and shapes, but the key to the safety part of the shoe lies in the quality of the steel toe itself. These boots look a lot like combat boots, and this is because they were originally deployed with the military.


Multi-purpose boots

The best thing about these boots is that they can serve for a number of different purposes. You can use them for hiking, trekking and outdoors work even at your home. The key feature of these boots is that they are sturdy, last long and are meant to protect your feet from all manner of problems. They are not necessarily just work boots, although they are commonly used in many workplaces.


Fabric Boots

An increasingly common trend in boots and shoes is the use of fabric to keep them lightweight. These lightweight boots are great for running too. They qualify for most lightweight industrial jobs and are made for both men and women in a variety of designs. You can even get steel toe boots made out of fabric. These are extremely sturdy, protective while being lightweight at the same time.


Tall boots

These boots give you the extra protective height that is great for work in the outdoors, especially on farms. They protect you from insect bites up till a fair height above your ankle and will even stop a snake from biting through, if you are ever unlucky enough to come across one. It is better to be prepared however, which is why these work shoes have been designed this way.


Slip on shoes with steel toe

You don’t have to boot up every time with these, you can just slip them on casually without having to tie laces. However, the safety standards on these types of shoes are significantly lower. They come with a steel toe, but do not offer the protection of steel toe boots, especially around the instep and ankle areas.


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