Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

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How to choose the right gaming mouse

You won’t become a pro overnight from using a gaming mouse but time goes on you will identify the slight competitive advantage you seem to have. Using a wireless gaming mouse can especially make things much more convenient and comfortable.

Whether you’re interested in a mac gaming mouse or any other gaming mice used for windows or Linux, you will find that there are different factors to consider before you invest in one. There are several designs available specifically for gaming. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will have loads of extra buttons or excessive flashing LEDs. Note that a lot of casual players usually go for a wired gaming mouse.


Pick one that will work for you

A lot of people will give you a lot of advice but what you should be consider the most while buying a gaming mouse is the laser sensor or an advanced optical which basically permits faster and precise movements. A certain degree of customization should also be considered.

Most gaming mice will have extra buttons for the thumb and features that make on-the-fly adjustments to speed, longer cables, sensitivity. Some exotic functions could include button tension springs and adjustable weights.

While you may think that it is more common to see a wireless gaming mouse that is ultimately not true. You will see more often than not, a wired gaming mouse. While many argue that these come with less input lag, the wireless gaming mouse is marketed as as super-fest, custom-built wireless connections. Note that this makes them a bit more pricey.

Finally, What system do you use? Can you use any mouse or would you need a mac gaming mouse?


Grip Style

When we play PC games we all use different grips according to our comfort and coordination levels. Every player is different but there are three main styles we could categorize the grip styles into.

The palm grip is the most common grip used by players. The fingers are usually laid flat on the mouse and the whole palm rests on the mouse. The tip grip is when only the tips of your rings, middle and index fingers rest on the mouse buttons. You palm won’t touch the body of the mouse. The thumb would be used to grip the side of the mouse.

A claw grip is a mix between the tip grip and palm style. The palm would rest on the back of the mouse with the fingers angels towards the buttons.


Mouse Software

With some gaming mice you can set the DPI options so that you are allowed to change the sensitivity for faster tracking. You can adjust this on-the fly with some advanced mice. You can make adjustments to suit specific mouse pads. You can set up customized button profiles for specific games. A good gaming mouse software will be able to handle these functions to a great extent.


Think about what you will need in the long run

Another thing to consider when looking for a gaming mouse is to think about the game you play the most. Do you need a shooter mouse or something for MOBA? Think about whether you prefer a mobile mouse for a gaming laptop or a hybrid mouse that is a jack of all trades.


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