First Aid Kit Buying Guide

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Why you need a first aid kit?

In times of emergency and no one is around to help, help from your first aid bag is your only reliable friend. Or kids at home will have bruises, burns, cuts and scrapes so your first aid kit with the appropriate supplies at home is your best option. It is more economical to clean and bandage a cut using your kit than going to a clinic for medical treatment. Your first aid kit will go a long way saving money as medical consultation in a clinic is quite stiff.


Be ready for accidents as they come suddenly. Always see that you have the first aid supplies you need and have a monthly inventory for your first aid bag to be prepared and ready to use at the most unexpected time.


Time is important – A first aid box is used like its name; “First Aid”. In case of emergency, you can offer temporary help until help arrives. Without a kit means that there is no immediate help coming. Precious time is wasted and further injury, life or death.


Small injuries can turn to big injuries – The longer time it takes for the treatment to be given can lead to more severe and serious the injury can become. With immediate treatment, the risk is reduced. Peace of mind is being prepared to do what is right and readiness to lend assistance when injury occurs. This is the best reason to want a first aid kit closed by.


Different types of first aid kits

  1. Basic first aid kit contains all first aid supplies that are usually used for minor and not very complex injuries.
  2. Standard first aid medical kit has alcohol wipes, gloves, ice packs, small scissors and tweezers.
  3. Sports or health club kit is a first aid box containing some antibiotics, electrolyte tabs, eye pads, guide for first aid, pads for burn relief, etc…
  4. Kits for outdoor carries all the first aid supplies and items necessary to be used in times of emergency.
  5. Medical kit is for handling fatal heart attack: it has Automatic External Defibrillator for both kids & adults and CPR face shield for both kids and adults.


The basic first aid kit

The content of a medical kit for home are: sterilized alcohol wipes, antiseptic cleanser for the hands, scissors for bandages, instant cold packs, elastic bandages, insect bite swabs, medical adhesive tapes, triangular bandages and tweezers. A Manual for basic first aid or n instruction booklet must be included in the first aid bag. Check medicines regularly to make sure they have not reached this expiry dates.


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