Musical Instruments

Meinl HCAJ3NT Cajons
  The Art of Music Since its early beginnings, cajon does not change all that much which is built with bass tones, adjustable snare and amplification made from plywood construction. The cajon can produce different sounds by simply tapping or beating on the different parts of its front surface. Anyone […]

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PLCEO MUS270471 Harmonicas
  Rich Musical History Harmonicas have long history tracing back a thousand years ago in China. The instrument was popularly known as Sheng which became a prominent musical instrument in Asian culture and traditional music. It was later introduced in 18th century in Europe where further developments of harmonica were […]

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Tempi Tem-4000 Metronomes
In order to buy the Metronomes that will perfectly meet your requirements, you have to consider the following aspects.   Types The first thing that you have to consider while buying the Metronomes is the type. They are available in two different types: Electronic Metronomes Mechanical Metronomes   Mechanical Metronomes […]

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