Guitar Capos Buying Guide

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Achieve New Musical Heights

If you love guitar perhaps you’re familiar with capos and how they can greatly affect your playing style. A guitar capo is used to change the key of a song instantly by sliding the device up and down to any fret until you find the key that suits perfectly for the vocal range.


Guitar capos can operate through threaded bolts, springs or elastic. Both beginners and professional guitarists use guitar capos because they don’t only enhance the playing style but they also allow the players to play in various keys without the need to learn the difficult chords. Moreover, capos can brighten the tone of the instrument and make some songs easier to play by requiring less stretching of the left hand.


Made for Every Style of Music

Regardless of your playing style or what music you play, you should own a capo. As a guitarist, a capo increases your versatility to play music in different keys. Aside from that, utilizing a capo when playing your instrument can create the same musical effect with returning all guitar strings up the same number of steps. Professional musicians utilize capo in order to bring an instrument tuned below standard up to standard tuning. In many instances, capos extended its use beyond the traditional purpose by producing new ground and employing capos in new ways. You can take the rock and roll musicians such as George Harrison and Steve Earle.


Enjoy the Largest Selection

If you don’t own a capo, maybe it is time you should get one. Capo is generally inexpensive device that can make a difference to your playing style and sound experience. Guitar capos come in various sizes, finishes and shapes. You will have endless options of good capos that bring out the best in you.


Capos can benefit every guitar player from an electronic rock player to an acoustic guitarist. They give the players new ways to explore their musical ability by experimentation of keys and reaching nuts. In order to find the right device that complements your guitar and achieve new musical heights choose the correct capos that suit your playing style and instrument.


Trigger-style, strap-on and shrub capos are the most common varieties of guitar capos. Each type has its own characteristic as well as advantages and disadvantages. A strap-on capo, for instance, provides a consistent way to fret across the guitar strings to ensure in-tune play however, it is more likely to stretch out over time.


Aside from the player’s technique and placement of capos, you should consider the tool’s reliability, compact design and the tendency to put the instrument out of tune.


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