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Cajons are wooden boxes played as drums. The term ‘cajon’ is a Spanish origin means box or drawer. Cajon is made with thin wood on one side, thicker layer of plywood to the other sides and the top and its back contains the sound hole enabling the front surface to produce different sounds.

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Pyle PCJD15 Stringed Jam
Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon is the most perfect on-the-go musical instrument. It is a compact sized and ultra lightweight instrument that is easy to carry, everywhere you go, whether you are going for drum circles, unplugged gigs.
  • Anti-vibration interference.
  • Hand-crafted wooden panel box frame.
  • Adjustable guitar strings.
Pyle PCJD15 Cajons
Meinl HCAJ3NT Headliner Series String
This cajon deliver the classic cajon sound and can be played with Flamenco or World Music. It is also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set cannot be used.
  • Perfect for creating drumset grooves.
  • Full size rubber wood body & playing surface.
  • Rear port ideal for microphone placement.
Meinl MYO-CAJ Cajon Kit
One of the most popular percussion instruments today is the cajon, and with the Meinl MYO-CAJ Cajon Kit you can build your own! It comes with a manual to guide you with the assembly.
  • All Birch Wood construction.
  • Customizable finish by adding paint, oil, lacquer, or wax.
  • Comes with two sets of internal snare wires.
Latin Percussion LP1427 LP Americana Groove
Latin Percussion LP1427 LP Americana Groove Cajon is manufactured entirely in the USA. It is constructed using hand-select, plantation grown Baltic Birch which is chosen for its superior durability and incredible resonance.
  • Fixed snare wires.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Bass full, rounded & warm.
Latin Percussion LP1427
Meinl BC1NTWR Cafe
Meinl BC1NTWR Cafe Cajon is an instrument ideal for acoustic gigs when a full drum kit cannot be used. It comes with a free Meinl standard Cajon gig bag for protection against dirt, dust, & moisture, and hassle-free transportation.
  • Adjustable playing surface.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Official two-year Meinl warranty.
Meinl HCAJ1AWA Headliner Series String
This cajon's versatility is unmatched - from praise & worship services, theatrical productions to rock ‘n roll shows and small coffee house sets. Its wide range of sounds and ease of use makes it more than capable to integrate into your main act.
  • Solid MDF body & wood playing surface.
  • Adjustable top corners.
  • Adjustable sizzle effect.
Meinl SUBCAJ5WN Jumbo Bass Subwoofer
With a low end punch that you will feel the first time you sit down to play, this cajon is mammoth in size and sound. The extra wide and extra deep body allow for superb low note development.
  • Forward facing sound ports with internal bass reflex.
  • Crisp snare drum sounds.
  • Walnut front plate.
Meinl TOPCAJ2WN Turbo Slap-Top
The Meinl Turbo Slap-Top Cajon is a conceptual step up to a new level. It is designed to bring the striking surface up nearer to the player, for a more upright playing style.
  • Snares on both sides.
  • Forward sound projection.
  • Comfortable design.
Meinl JC50LBNT Jam
Meinl JC50LBNT Jam Cajon is the perfect grab-and-go percussion instrument for singer/songwriter circles, spontaneous jam sessions, and supporting acoustic bands in small intimate settings. It is more compact for easier transport and straightforward use.
  • Wide sound options.
  • Two internal snare wires.
  • Made entirely of Birch Wood.
Meinl JC50LBNT
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 The Art of Music

Since its early beginnings, cajon does not change all that much which is built with bass tones, adjustable snare and amplification made from plywood construction. The cajon can produce different sounds by simply tapping or beating on the different parts of its front surface.