Ski Mask Buying Guide

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Good ski mask

Best ski mask or snow mask for you depends entirely on the activity you require it for, and the surrounding weather conditions. A good ski mask should allow you to see, hear, and breathe properly without any discomfort.

Good winter face masks have a comfortable fleece that can protect you from strong cold winds and extreme chill. It also protects you from dust, UV rays and mosquito bites. It comes in a size that fits all. It has high-class fabric with the premium performance that comes with zero-pilling, durability, abrasion resistance, wicking, and breathability.

It also has the anti-static functionality. They are also machine washable masks with multifunctional use and can be used as a face mask, a hat, or even a scarf. With articulated seaming, they are hard to destroy. The simple design fits comfortably under your clothing. There are certain factors to look out for when purchasing the right winter mask, they are listed below.



The most common types of winter face masks or snow masks are the full face ski mask, the balaclava, the half mask and the beard ski mask. The balaclava is a full face and head mask with holes for the eyes and nose. They are also available with holes for the mouth and ears. The beard snow mask is a face mask that looks like a biker with a huge beard. The beard mask has become very famous as it is very warm and lightweight.



It is important to note what the ski mask is made out of to determine the level of comfort and warmth you will experience. The most common materials used for snow masks are cotton, nylon, wool, neoprene, acrylic or maybe even a blend of these materials. It’s all about what you need and what you’re comfortable in.

Recently, acrylic face masks and nylon masks have become popular due to the fact that they are affordable and lightweight. Note that although wool can keep you warm, it can also feel incredibly itchy.



Usually, for face masks, one size should fit all if it is a decent one. They can stretch to a great extent to accommodate any shape or size. Face masks with velcro on their backs will usually work best as they can be adjusted. Also, face mask extenders are available for velcro masks, if needed.


Designs and Price

When it comes to design, it’s simple – you just select the one you like or the one you think you need. This is subjective to your requirement. As far as the price goes, balaclavas could range from $5 up to $40. Make sure you do not underpay or overpay, based on your requirements and also consider the amount of time you will be using the item for.


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