2 in 1 Laptop Buying Guide

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Flexible Design

With its flexibility and notable functions, it’s no wonder 2 in 1 laptops achieved an increasing demand and soaring popularity among the consumers. When we think about laptop tablet, the terms convertible and hybrid will also come across our minds. Hybrid refers to a device that features the complimentary keyboard while convertible typically refers to 2 in 1 tablet which features certain types of keyboard concealment allowing the keyboard to be rotated to slide behind the chassis.


2 in 1 laptops are technological innovations that are generally suited for content production, non-intensive tasks and media consumption. They also come in two basic forms including convertible and detachable. Convertible laptop has a keyboard that could be flipped and rotated at different angle while detachable laptop often comes with detachable complimentary keyboard and supplementary batteries as promotional items.


Everything you need is within a Single Compact

2 in 1 tablet falls under the convertible or hybrid category however it runs a full feature of a desktop operating system and provides an ergonomic typing experience. 2 in 1s are also distinguished from traditional laptops through touch screen display inclusion and detachable or concealable keyboard. These unique features of a laptop tablet can allow you to do a lot more. Going from tablet to laptop mode for a business presentation or movie screening is something you can’t get from a traditional compact.


Owning a convertible laptop means having fewer gadgets to maintain and worry about. That’s right. You will get the benefits of flexibility and lesser gadgets to require when you opt for the hybrid design. When you require getting some real and business done, you can easily switch to laptop mode and when you need some time off, you can relax and watch your favorite movies using the tablet mode. A notebook tablet reduces the weight and dealing with multiple compacts from the equation.


Intuitive, Adaptable and Useful Machines

At this point, maybe you are wondering what makes the best notebook tablet? While the answer entirely depends on personal preferences and needs, a 2 in 1 laptop comes in various features that beneficial for both students and casual users. They also provide incredibly affordable price points, lighter chassis and high resolution graphics to fulfill complete laptop and tablet gadget experience.


Leading manufacturers of 2 in 1s offer a choice for all budget and individuals in the marketplace. So if you are considering buying a convertible laptop, you can never go wrong with plenty of options. While it pays to evaluate the features and price, make sure your retailer offers product warranty. Finally, make sure to comparison shop before making your purchase decision and hitting that purchase button.


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