Clock Radio Buying Guide

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Why buy clock radios?

Buy clock radio as it is cool to listen to music and keep tab of the time. You would opt for a radio alarm clock for it makes getting up at the same time each morning is easier. The device has an accurate timekeeping system giving you the power to select your own kind of music.


From the time you wake up to the time you sleep, you got complete control over your radio watch. The clock has a built-in system that you can set to turn the radio on or off at any desired time. Some models can be adjusted for time changes, including daylight saving time and when you travel to another time zone.


What about an alarm clock?

The alarm clock makes lots of noise to alert you to wake up at a specific time. You can control time but there is no radio to get by. If you intend to buy an alarm clock better get one with a radio.


Best features

When buying one, look for these features. Get one with a projected display so it is easier for you to tell time even from across the room, The newest and most advanced models allow you to stream music from your home network. Also look for the radio with the best sound quality. To determine the best sound quality of a clock radio is to look at the size of the speakers.


The rule is: an enhanced quality sound is always delivered by the bigger speaker of your clock radio. Also, better sound quality comes from clock radios which have their built-in CD players or iPod connectivity. Clock radio has great sounds including all types of music.


It delivers a gigantic bright display you can control and set at your leisure three kinds of alarms. Placed on a place that could be easily reached is the big snooze button that you can set the chosen snooze time by any number between 5 and 59.


Digital clock radio

The digital clock radio is highly recommended for its high level components. Here is a quick overview of the components of a digital clock radio at a high level. Even with normal power, the signal can be extracted from the 60-Hz oscillations.


Many clocks get their power from a wall socket so use this technique because it is cheap and easy. The signal can be generated using a crystal oscillator. Never lose sleep worrying about a power outage with battery backup.


Advantages when you get it

  • Dual alarms of the digital clock radio functions allow you to set two different wake times.
  • Select either AM/FM radio or buzzer for your wake up sound.
  • USB charging port allows you to charge any device.


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