Label Printer Buying Guide

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Create a Positive Impression

If you want to make customized, high quality and professional-looking labels for your documents and important cards, a label printer is the right tool for the job. A customized label can help you create a positive impression from your beloved clients. A label machine has a wide range of logos, fonts, graphics, templates, barcodes and other formatting features to enjoy from.


A barcode printer is designed for high volume and continuous printing. That’s why it is highly utilized in industrial sectors for their product printing requirements. Barcode printer should be sturdy and heavy-duty for repetitive use and deliver the needs for label printing.


Most importantly, the label maker is built to withstand the harsh industrial environments that include distribution centers, warehouses and factories. They should be reliable in terms of printing graphics, text, barcodes, invoices and packing slips for long periods.


The Benefits of Thermal Technology

The technology known as thermal printing is the heart of the label maker. A direct thermal printer utilizes heat in order to print texts, barcodes and labels by darkening the materials and label forms. If you are planning to buy and use a thermal printer for the job, keep in mind that its printouts are often sensitive to extreme light and heat exposure. However, it is ideal for printing monochromatic labels with a short-shelf life.


Other factors to consider when buying a label printer are speed and resolution of the label maker. The length of the printout is used to measure the print speed of label maker. When choosing a printer for labels, make sure it is set to deliver printouts in a maximum resolution with specialized, fine prints.


You can choose from the leading brands of label printers and choose the most recent models that are the fastest in its range in terms of print speed and label types.


Aside from resolution and printer speed, you may want to consider a portable device with a user-friendly panel. This will not only allow you to easily create and produce customized graphics and labels but it allows you to get the job done wherever you are. A handheld device is easy to access and carry, so you wouldn’t mind working on your label project anywhere.


When opting for portable label maker, make sure it also comes with a rubber case proofing so it makes the device less prone to breaking especially when used repetitively.


It got you Covered!

Whether you need to print labels, text, barcodes or graphics, a good quality label printer is all you need. You can find a lot of quality features, brands and makes of label maker that suit your printing needs and budget. Leading manufacturers are happy to provide product warranty to consumers to guarantee durability and quality of their label makers.


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