NAS Buying Guide

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Use NAS device to upgrade your business

NAS devices are perfect for small businesses because they are user-friendly; easy to operate and you do not need to hire an IT in your staff. In a small business, make a part in targeting for archiving and recovery of lost files. While set in the server mode, Network Attached Storage functions well in data base, email, multimedia or as print server for your business.


NAS at home

In the home front, NAS is utilized for keeping, storing and serving files for multimedia as well as automated backups. Many homeowners who are wise depend on NAS to centralize storage provided for security systems, smart TVs, security and other components for the internet. Most devices are operated on CD or DVD installers or as alternate set up NAS are used from a website. Set up remote access from the Internet by just following the prompts, and you’ll have multi-terabyte network storage.


NAS product categories

There are three broad categories in Network Attached Storage based on the drive capacity, drive number, drive support and scalability.


1. NAS high-end enterprise is for businesses that need huge amounts of file storage to include images from virtual machines. It enables speedy access to NAS clustering capabilities.

2. NAS midmarket NAS help those businesses that need several hundreds of terabytes data. Although no clustering is possible but it can create file-system siloes required in multiple NAS devices.

3. NAS low-end enterprise is located at the lowest end of the market and accommodates small businesses and home users who have local shared network storage. Increasingly, this market is shifting toward a cloud NAS model.


Backup your backups

In computer, there can never be too many backups of important files. Whether it is used preparing a simple school assignment, actual work report in your job, personal media articles or for banking and tax documents, all these papers need backing up in your PC every time. Use the easy way of simply plugging files in a USB stick and keep copies onto removable storage.


NAS benefits

NAS systems have the capability of storing, managing and accessing both and remote contents from all devices. NAS storage can be your data’s secure personal cloud and gives users the best solutions they are looking for.

  • Affordable large storage capacity;
  • Easy and affordable set up and configuration while using standard connection of Ethernet;
  • All of your contents are provided with streaming and remote access;
  • File sharing of multiple devices;
  • Automatically within your network, you have multiple backup computers;
  • Hard-drive RAID redundancy is provided by NAS drives provide to protect your data; and
  • To safeguard access to documents, user permissions are strictly required as well as folder privileges.


Looking ahead

Think about your needs for NAS storage now and in the time to come. What will your storage demands are like within 6, 12, and 24 months. Maybe it will cost more; it is better today to look for lower options.


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