Massage Oil Buying Guide

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Purpose of massage oil

Massage oil reduce the friction caused by rubbing hands against the skin that could otherwise cause discomfort. And they lubricate the hands that permits therapist to better control the massage. Hence, using massage oils and other similar lubricants has become a necessary tool when having any type of massage.


Massaging oil vs. massage lotion

As to the choice whether to use massaging oil or massage lotion is largely a matter of preference. As to which is better is a matter of opinion and liking because both have varying benefits. A massage lotion moisturizes the skin by providing hydration and gentleness.

Moreover, it can have additional nutrients and vitamins that help repair skin conditions like dryness or keep the skin younger looking. A massaging oil on the other hand helps retain the natural moisture of your skin by providing the sterol shield to the skin. The oil easily warms which brings additional comfort. Thus a hot oil massage is a great way to foster repose and relax muscle weariness.


Types of body massage oil

There are different types of massaging oil that are used by therapists and massage experts. The most common of which is the fractionated coconut oil, which is extracted from coconut. This oil is usually the cheapest and most easily available.

Jojoba Oil is another alternative body massage oil ideal for people vulnerable to back acnes and spots. Sunflower Oil is a non-greasy massaging oil that has special nutrients such as linoleic acid stearic acid for healthy skin.

Almond oil is one of the more expensive massaging oil which is preferred by some massage therapists because of its quick absorbing properties. Apricot kernel oil is another relatively pricy body massage oil commonly used in an aroma therapies.

Other generally used massaging oils included avocado oil, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, Kukui Nut Oil, and olive oil.


Properties of a massaging oil

Body massage oils have ideal properties which make them suitable for massage use. They are not dense or thick for easy application and spreading in the skin. They are not sticky but run smoothly in the skin. Body massage oil is absorbed by the skin in just the right timing usually after massage.

Massaging oils should have pleasant odor which helps in making a client relaxed and undisturbed. Oils used for massaging help skin to be dehydrated by seal moisture in the skin. Finally, body massage oil should be pure, filtered and refined so that they won’t feel greasy but soothing when applied on the body.


Benefits of oil body massage

Massages help you to relax and get that much needed temporary repose for our body’s rest. It helps improve blood circulation that washes out body toxins. A hot oil massage relieves muscle pain and swelling, and stimulates the natural lubricants our bones and joints need.

It makes you feel light relieved and all prepped up after having a massage to keep you sharp in whatever you do. It calms you nerves and boost your immune system. And aside from these physical benefits, it helps make your mind calm and free from stress.


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